Only 3 weeks ago, I had a 10 ½ hour surgery and was in the hospital for 11 days.  During those hospital days, I had very little physical strength and spent most of my time doing nothing except resting and recovering.  Once home in those first few days I felt I needed to document some thoughts that were swirling through my head; they were important to me.  Those first few days back home I spent little time on the computer and so I voice recorded my thoughts.

The following are words I spoke and recorded one of those first few days back home –

So this is a post about strength – strength that I did not know that I had.  I made my 11 day hospital stay; I made it through being positive, being optimistic.  For those first two nights after a very long surgery, for the first night I was awake for a little while, and thinking to myself; I don’t know how I am going to get through this, but then I fell back into a deep sleep.  And the next night, same room and still in the same position because I have not moved I then thought to myself again; I don’t know how I am going to get through this.  But I kept telling myself, I will, I have the strength within me, I have the perseverance and the positiveness that I am going to get through this and I am going to do well during my recovery.  And during the whole recovery for those nights and more after I did that – I did that.  Certainly I had my aches and pains I had to deal with; and pain medications were there and other medications were there to help me along the way and I did what was asked of me and I found the strength in me that I never, ever thought that I had.  Seriously I never thought I had that strength in me.  But it was there, it was waiting to be used during a time when I needed it the most.  So, my post is about strength; I think that it is probably in all of us, it is in all of us somewhere.  And when we need it the most, I think we all can reach deep down and grab it and use it and get through any difficult situations we may be going through. 


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83 thoughts on “strength

  1. We never really know the limits of our strength until it is needed. The sheer will to live, recover, carry on and beat the odds is inherent in all of us and you do it with grace and dignity.
    (And it’s okay to growl sometimes.) LOL
    Hugs to you and Gary.

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    • I am glad you have some strength with this post and certainly others support. I know the support and encouragement I receive here is priceless. I appreciate you stopping by today and hope you are having a good day. 🙂


  2. I am pleased now that you have found your strength to get through this. You have been positive throughout, I knew you could do this. Isn’t it amazing where that strength comes from when we need it most. So often, we think how can I handle this or that, and somehow, that inner strength is just there. Keep on being positive my friend 🙂 Enjoy your walk today if you go, and the beautiful fresh air. Have a lovely day. 🙂 Hugs x

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  3. I agree with a lot of other commenters that human beings don’t know what they are capable of until they are pushed to their supposed limits. Great you are healing and getting more physical strength back Terry. Already know the emotional strength is there!

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  4. Terry, I think if you reflect on your life you will realize that you have building strength the entire time. Strength is a muscle that needs to be exercised regularly and you would not have had enough strength to overcome this surgery if you hadn’t been strong many times before. You sound good❤️

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  5. I’ve only been reading your blog for a short time now, but wow! I’m amazed by your fortitude. I’m awed by your honesty. And I’m inspired by your strength and courage. Thank you for all of it…you’re making a difference in people’s lives! Love & light.

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    • Thank you Jay for your very kind comment, I truly appreciate it. I just write my feelings and emotions down and if others benefit from it – I am humbled. Have a happy day my friend.


    • Thank you and yes, I think we all have it within ourselves. I am glad you found that strength also. I appreciate you stopping by today to read and comment, and hope you have a happy day. 🙂


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