60 thoughts on “Walk, Recover, Life

  1. Oh, Terry! You made me smile too! It’s wonderful how you comment on the small progress in drying up your other leg makes you feel happy. That’s just was life is all about sometimes, isn’t it? To appreciate the small things we always and so stupidly take for granted. It also makes me so happy so that you look much better already, not so pale anymore. ..those walks are so good for you and you show it! Keep walking! 😄 xxxxx

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  2. The first shower on your very own after being either bed bound or reliant on someone else to help you is so AMAZING!! ❤ It shows clearly that one is on the mend and is coming along nicely and I'm glad you experienced that and are feeling more positive. It'll just keep getting better! 🙂 Happy Days to YOU! ❤

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  3. Terry, I try to make you giggle when I can but you made me giggle today when you were talking about Roxy needing to “smell everything” and “standing on one leg to dry yourself off after a shower.”
    I started thinking about that. I stand on both legs when I’m drying off. Hmmm. Now, I do stand on one leg while I’m putting on my panties or my jeans.
    Have I been drying off wrong all these years? LOLOL

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    • Giggling is a good thing, I guess I have always dried myself off that way – kind of like a flamingo – on one leg. LOL, and Roxy, she has to smell everything! Thanks Laurel, always appreciate your comments. 🙂

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  4. Aww, so nice to see you my friend, and to hear your voice. You are looking good, and I am so pleased to hear about the progress you are making with your recovery. Little steps, that is the way it goes, and soon those little steps will become a bit bigger. It is wonderful that you are able to go for a walk each day. I had to smile about Roxy, and just imagined the two of you going for a walk, and her smelling everything and wanting to investigate here and there 🙂 Sweet little girl 🙂 You keep well my friend, have a lovely day. 🙂 x

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  5. Looking good Terry. On your walks it’s just like when stir-frying…keep things moving, right? Great to see you out and about and moving forward with your recovery. Have a great day!

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  6. I’m going to call you ‘Terry Flamingo’ on account of your triumphant return to standing on one leg – bravo …. such brilliant progress! The physical steps forward are great news – your psyche is bound to ricochet back and forth but you are endeavouring and doing your best and that is all you can ask of yourself. Tiredness, all that anaesthetic in the body (it takes months to entirely dissipate) and the shock of the trauma your body has been through can only add to the natural tendency you have to have serious slumps and depressions. Miss Roxie (who I saw earlier when I watched your ‘Roxie is Excited’ video …. trembling fit to burst she was) is just like her sister-in-crime The Bean – every blade of grass has to be checked out and when you need to be moving it is mighty hard – good call to leave her behind for now, I think. I’m very proud of you, very proud indeed 😊

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    • Thank you Osyth, the small physical steps are important in my recovery progress. As you indicate in your comment – my psyche is certainly ricocheting back and forth. Progress of both is being made as I continue to heal and recover. Thank you dear for you comment and support as they always being a smile to my face. Have a happy day. 🙂


  7. Yes every little progress is amazing and I certainly understand the part about the changes in the body. It can become overwhelming and put a damper on ya spirit. I struggle with that too. I so admire you spearfruit and great post.

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