Touching your comments

It was January 16th when my 10 ½ hour surgery took place.

I wrote about strength I found within myself in my post ‘strength’.

In that post, I voice recorded thoughts the immediate days’ home after the hospital stay.

Here is another voice recorded thoughts now documented for you and about you –

Write a post about that first night after surgery I was still feeling lots of the anesthesia and under lots of pain medication.  And I remember feeling like I was in your comments.  I was in your comments; almost like I am walking around in your comments, the words you have left me.  Not just the recent comments, but the past weeks and months comments; the encouraging words and the supportive words; the words of love and the words of support and the words of encouragement.  It was as almost as I was walking through these comments from all of you, I was touching them and it was helping me with my strength; it was helping me say you are going to get through this because there are so many other people there – there are so many other people out there who are encouraging you and supporting you and praying for you and thinking about you.  And who are touching you in a way that you are going to succeed and you are going to be strong.  And that is what I was doing; I was walking through your comments; almost like a stage and all your comments are sitting there on this stage in big letters.  And I am walking by and I am actually touching them, touching your actual words and feeling them and experiencing them.  That is the only way I can explain it, that is the only way I can explain this dream or hallucination or whatever it is I was experiencing at the time.  But I really truly felt that, that my friends helped me so much – I really, really do believe that.  I know it took a lot for me to deal with my surgery and the feelings afterwards, but I really truly feel that experience, that hallucination or dream or whatever was a big part that started helping me on a good start, on a good note to start my recovery. 

Thank you for always supporting me and encouraging me through your words and comments.


52 thoughts on “Touching your comments

  1. On the day of your surgery and the following days, we all were thinking about you Terry-all those thoughts reverberated over and over in your mind-we are happy that they indeed helped you through that period. We continue to think of you and encourage you along as you slowly recover. Happy Friday to you.

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  2. Oh my word, what a beautiful dream, hallucination or whatever it was. That really must have been magical. I am sure that, all those words, and thoughts have helped you with the start of your recovery, and for that I am glad. Terry, you are such a gentleman, always grateful for us all and thanking us. I just want to say, Thank You, for being you. You have made a huge impact in my life.
    Keep recovering, smile and enjoy the fresh air. Hugs 🙂 x

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  3. The power of words and thoughts …. I am overawed by your dream – such an intense feeling for you and filled with joy that you were able to feel this which must have helped you at that critical moment in your recovery. Keep going …. the words will not dry up – so many here for you, so many that are supporting you and calling you on. You, my friend, are truly valued 😊

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    • Thank you Osyth, the dream or whatever it was seemed so very real and was an important part during my recovery those first few days after surgery. I always appreciate your comments – as you know, they are important to me. Hope your weekend is going well. 🙂

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