Turning 21

Today is the 21st month of my blog!  My anniversary post is something different than the usual posts I write.

Hum, 21 months……

wikpedia.org has the following –

Age 21 –

In several countries 21 is the age of majority.

In all US states, 21 is the drinking age.

In Hawaii and New York, 21 is the minimum age that one person may purchase cigarettes and other tobacco products.


Image Provided by: Cleveland City Council

In some countries it is the voting age.

In the United States, 21 is the age at which one can purchase multiple tickets to an R-rated film. It is also the age to accompany one under the age of 17 as their parent or adult guardian for an R-rated movie.

In some states, 21 is the minimum age, persons may gamble or enter casinos.

In 2011, Adele named her second studio album 21, because of her age at the time.


Image Provided by: Wikipedia

Hum, 21 years……

When I was the age 21: I was in my 3nd year of marriage.

When I was the age 21: I had been drinking for several years, 18 was the drinking age back then, it was changed to 21 after I had already turned 21 – lucky me.

When I was the age 21: I had been smoking for several years, I started at 16 and finally quit for the final time last year.

When I was the age 21: I most likely voted for the first time – I always wondered why I had to wait until 21 to vote, when I was required to register for the draft at age 18.

When I was the age 21: I have no idea what my first R-rated film I saw – the best top grossing R-rated film that year was ‘Stripes’ starring Bill Murray.

When I was the age 21: I do not believe I had gambled or been in a casino – I certainly have had my share of visits to a casino in the past several years.

When I was the age 21: I had no best selling album – but that year REO Speedwagon did, it was titled ‘Hi Infidelity’.


Image Provided by: feelgrafix.com

Today is the 21st month of my blog!  My anniversary post is something different than the usual posts I write.

57 thoughts on “Turning 21

  1. 21 today, 21 today – Terry’s got the key of the door ….never been 21 before! I have no idea if that is a thing in the US but we used to have it sung to us when we turned 21 (and at that time I was a very very hip punk rocker so you can imagine how delighted I was when my mother warbled it down the phone line to me at my desk in London)! 😂

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  2. 21 certainly is meaningful number on so many aspects ! Happy 21 Blogging months my friend 🙂 I for one, am so thankful you started your blog. It really has been a wonderful time to get to know you, and I look forward to your posts everyday. Enjoy many many more months of blogging 🙂 Have a wonderful day. 🙂 x

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  3. A great trip down memory lane of 21! When I turned 21, I went into my favorite Mexican restaurant, ordered a margarita for my birthday (because I was finally legal), and the Host nearly lost it when he found out my age as I had already been drinking there for 2 years… illegally, lol. 😀

    Thanks for sharing Terry! I love learning bits of history about people!

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    • LOL, that is funny! I think back when we were younger they bent the rules a little. A little while back in the past year I ordered a drink and they asked for my ID. I said to them, really? Thanks for stopping by Paula. 🙂

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  4. Happy blog anniversary Terry; wishing you many more to come. Your post really got me thinking about the significance of 21 as an age. In New Zealand, it’s still “a thing” in terms of being celebrated as a birthday (mostly I think driven by parents), but as an legal age it is meaningless. Here you can leave school, have sex, get a tattoo and drive at 16 (school and driving were 15 when I was a teenager); and you can vote, buy alcohol and tobacco, and marry without parents’ consent at 18. The key thing that Osyth mentioned was big here too; people used to be given huge key-shaped ornaments and mirrors. Oh I cringe to think of it.

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    • LOL, it is very interesting how different countries decide what you can and cannot do at a certain age. Here in the United States, many laws are by state, so there was a time when the drinking age in one state was 18, but was 19 or even 21 in another state. Thanks Su, always appreciate your comments – happy day. 🙂


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