virtual spoons

The Saturday prior to my Monday surgery I published a video log post ‘Big Day Monday‘.  I received many wonderful comments including one that stands out because of my response back.  Fellow blogger and friend leggypeggy has been sending me virtual spoons ever since that post.

From that post, Peggy wrote the following comment –

A big thank you to you for sharing your journey with us. Also nice to see the landscape you will enjoy during your recovery. Sending virtual hugs and lots of love for smooth surgery and speedy recovery. And yes, be a good patient and the nurses will love you.

I responded with the following –

LOL, yes I know I need to be a good patient – I certainly need nurses loving me. When I feel bad and grumpy, I will think of you and the spoon on your forehead – that will remind me to be good. Thanks Peggy, yours and others support here is important to me. Have a great day!

Her response –

Oh yeah, remember the spoon! It must be a lucky charm. Should I send you one?

My response –

You can send a virtual spoon everyday next week!

Her response –

Consider it done.

So, Peggy sent me a virtual spoon every day the week of my surgery.

In my post ‘my struggle with cancer‘, again Peggy commented about the virtual spoon –

Glad they were able to explain ‘the knot’, but still strange that it happened. This improves the chances of being relatively pain-free as you more fully recover. Sending virtual spoons and hugs for your mental strength.

My response –

Thank you Peggy, physically I feel much better with still weeks of recovery ahead of me. I appreciate the virtual spoons and hugs for the mental strength because I will be honest, at times I am struggling. Thank you for your support and friendship.

Her response –

I figure that right now your body is stronger than the mind, so the spoons and hugs will keep coming.

Peggy continues to send virtual spoons today; a way for her to bring a smile to my face and remind myself that I can and will get through this and everything eventually will be good again.

I continue to heal and recover and have up and down days and adjusting to the new me.  I post every day and just like many of you, Peggy has a comment for me.  Many times, she lets me know she is sending me virtual spoons.  A little joke between her and I, but a reminder the spoon is a lucky charm – and she sends them to me.

She has indicated I should take a picture with a spoon on my forehead – so, here you go Peggy, this is for you.


44 thoughts on “virtual spoons

  1. Peggy is a keeper … a wonderful and supportive friend with a sense of humour. The spoon suits you, by the way 😉 Bisous from France for a recuperative and ever strengthening weekend full of sunshine and love ❤️

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    • Peggy is certainly special and her virtual spoons have helped me a great deal. Thanks Osyth for your special friendship also, the weekend here is full of sunshine and warmth – I am looking forward to it. Happy Weekend! 🙂

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  2. Hahaha this is lovely my friend. It made me smile. Peggy is a wonderful person, and I am glad you both have this little joke together :-). Love the spoon by the way…it suits you ! And, I love seeing you smile. Enjoy the rest of your day. 🙂

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  3. Oh my goodness Terry, you made me laugh out loud with this post. I love, love, love the pic of you with a spoon on your forehead. What a wonderful smile you have! People may not realise that my little avatar pic is of me with a spoon on my forehead. Can’t remember who taught us that trick, but we think it’s great fun to repeat it when we have guests for a meal. Now I need to write a spoon post because I have plenty of pics of people wearing spoons.

    Sending you tons more hugs and spoons, and a word of advice. Plastic spoons don’t do the job, so I’m glad you picked the right spoon for the task. 🙂

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    • Very glad you love the photo, it only took me 2 tries and it is a selfie. I think it turned out quite well. You and your virtual spoons bring a smile to my face, I appreciate both. I look forward to your spoon post. Have a great weekend and thank you for your support, hugs and spoons! 🙂

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  4. Peggy is very special, and you look extremely cute with that spoon on your forehead. You might want to wear it often and look at yourself in the mirror. That’ll make your smile wider every time!
    Have a smiling, sunny weekend!

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      • I just watched your Big Day Monday video and such a beautiful place your located at…the sounds of the ocean are always so calming and peaceful. I use to feel a strong connection to the ocean when I was quite young…looking out over the ocean, listening to her different sounds, I was quite certain that, that is where we all originated! My Mother would just smile…after all when we are much younger our minds are active with wonderment. I am keeping a watch over your journey with prayers for your speedy recovery. You have a nice day as well. 🙂

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          • Absolutely!! I am in California, and when I was growing up to driving myself for years…we went to the beach! Sometimes 2 or 3 times a week. Dad would meet us there after work and we had dinner around a campfire there…at that time they had fire pit rings so you could do just that. Now, living inland, refusing to drive the freeways anymore I haven’t revisited the beach in years…but I have my memories. I do have a CD however with sounds of the ocean I enjoy very much. 🙂

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