Festivals & Saturdays in the Park

The end of summer and start of fall last year had Gary and I attending festivals in the surrounding area.

This was back before my body began to experience the pain that started in December.

This was back before my body went through surgery.

This was back when I felt better.

My hope is soon Gary and I will again attend some festivals & Saturdays in the park.

47 thoughts on “Festivals & Saturdays in the Park

  1. You’ll be back enjoying festivals and Saturday’s in the park and highways and holidays before you know it …. each day is a tiny step forward but put all those tiny steps together and you have seven league boots striding towards happy days 😊

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  2. Oh yes, I am confident you will be enjoying all the festivals and Saturdays in the park as soon as you can. It was lovely to see you and Gary together my friend. Those happy times will be happening πŸ™‚ Have a happy day. Hugs x

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  3. Do you have a favorite festival? One that is coming up you are looking forward to? Nothing like exchanging energy with happy people at festivals. I find art festivals are especially filled with good energy. Looking forward to hearing about your first festival!

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    • Paula, I do not have a favorite, as long as I am outside with good weather, just walking around – I am enjoying it. I like the people watching and usually there is music and it is just a fun atmosphere. Happy Thursday! πŸ™‚

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  4. I love the song you chose for this Terry! I also love attending our summer festivals in both our parks and when they close down the downtown streets for them. Such fun. Gosh, now I can’t wait for summer! I’m sure you’ll get to hit some more of these this year. xoxo

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          • Oh mine too, I have lots of potted plants all over the place, and really don’t need to be setting out any more this Spring…one pot I had planted some white tulip bulbs and they are coming up already! My sister brought over two pots of tuberous roses and waiting for those to pop up! Last Spring I planted four fruit trees, I just got the little ones and already with all of the rain we have had they have really shot up! I will share those pictures one day soon. Have a lovely day! πŸ™‚

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