October 1972 – Ben by Michael Jackson

October 1972 – a song popular in this month – Ben by Michael Jackson

This song is one of Michael Jackson’s favorites, and it was his first #1 hit as a solo artist. Motown recorded him as a solo artist when The Jackson 5 stopped selling well.

Interesting facts about Ben & Michael Jackson

Jackson was 14 when he recorded this. He became the youngest artist to top the US charts both as a solo artist and as a member of a group (The Jackson 5).

Despite being about a rat, the lyrics are touching and sentimental, and make no reference to rodents. This made it a sturdy song about friendship:

They don’t see you as I do I wish they would try to

I’m sure they’d think again if they had a friend like Ben

This was nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Song. Jackson sang it at the ceremony in 1973.

Michael was the seventh of nine children (Janet and Randy are younger). They grew up in a two-bedroom house in Gary, Indiana. The six boys slept in one room, while the three girls shared the other with the parents, Joe and Katherine.

This information was provided by Songfacts.com

27 thoughts on “October 1972 – Ben by Michael Jackson

  1. I got to the end of this post, and after reading about Bean and Roxy completely forgot what you posted…LOL I love reading the comments of others…..I think the 2 little divas would get along just fine, it may be a little of whose doggie nose goes higher but in the end they would be friends….and the song Ben…I can not look at a rat without that song going through my head…LOL

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    • Yes, those 2 divas together in the same room would be a site – we will see. I have not see any rats lately except maybe on TV, but yes I understand the song would come to mine. LOL, glad you enjoyed the post kat. 🙂

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