Seeking a Home Base

Many of you know, last year Gary and I sold our huge house in Dallas, Texas.  We bought an RV and our plan was to travel the United States for a while until we were ready again to settle down permanently.


My health changed for the worse and the travel adventure across the United States was put on hold.  We are currently living in Pensacola, Florida while my health care needs are taken care of.  Pensacola by no means is where Gary and I want to plant roots and call home; it is just a temporary location.

Our current location is an RV park located on the Naval Air Station Pensacola.  Their policy is an RV can stay for 3 months and then must leave for 2 weeks before returning back to the park for another 3 month stay.  Back in October we spent 2 weeks in another park near here that is also associated with the Naval Air Station, but not located on base.  At that time I was going through chemotherapy and we had to stay here in this area.


The next time to leave our current RV park, we decided to store the RV for 2 weeks and went on our cruise in December.

December of last year in my post ‘My Message‘, I wrote that Gary and I initially were to spend Christmas with his family at the RV park, but the plans were changed due to unforeseen circumstances.  Those unforeseen circumstances involve Gary’s younger brother experiencing major health issues.  Some of you know Gary’s mom who suffers from dementia lives with his younger brother.  Because of his younger brother’s health issues, we transferred mom to Gary’s older brother in Orlando when we drove there for our cruise.

Now it is March and time again for us to leave this park for 2 weeks.  We again have decided to store the RV for 2 weeks and take a trip to Orlando for several reasons.

Gary’s older brother and wife are leaving for a weeklong trip and Gary and I will be staying with his mom during their absence.  We are also seeking and searching for a possible location to plant roots and find a home base.  We need a home base for several reasons and central Florida is our first choice.  The home base will allow us to have a permanent residence where we can receive mail and a place we can come back to after our travel adventures.


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The home base will also allow for Gary to have access to a permanent VA hospital for his medical needs.  Because our home base will be in a different area than our current location; I will need to find another health provider for my healthcare needs.

In 2 weeks, the RV is stored and we drive to central Florida to take care of mom and search for a possible home base.

Once the 2 weeks is over we will return to our current RV park.

71 thoughts on “Seeking a Home Base

  1. Minus 5 here but spring is coming, we can see it. I like how you are mobile with lots of options and together you can discover the stories to share. It is hard to imagine choosing central Florida but I have only visited Florida a few times. So many nice communities along the coastlines to choose from and to experience in your home based. Now with technology it seems that with the exception of parcel shipping; email address is all we need. Heal up and soak up the sunshine for me, and enjoy a local orange!

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    • Yes, the coastlines are very nice, but we have specific intentions in mind with what we are looking for and therefore our choices become limited. More on the details to come. Thanks David, I will send some warm sunshine your way. 🙂

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  2. When we trying to decide what to do if we sold and traveled….a home base is kinda important in my mind…we were going to use a mail box place to collect our mail and have it forwarded to atone when needed, but picking a home base was difficult….the question was answered once we bought this place in Yuma, well at least for know….have fun in Orlando…..xxkat

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    • We initially were not considering a home base, but because of my health issues, we need to have one. I will have more details on this to come in the future as to why we are picking a particular location. Glad you are enjoying Yuma – one of these days, I am going to come visit – I have never been there. Thanks dear kat. 🙂

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  3. Gosh, it’s never easy but the planning (your strong point, my friend) comes into play at times like this. I’m sending lots of positive vibes through the aether for finding your perfect home-base in your choice of location. May the search be easy and the finding be filled with delight 😊

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  4. Wow! you have so much to deal with, so much to think about, and so much to do. In saying that, you guys know how to plan, and seem to have nailed it, which is great. Isn’t it incredible how things happen in life. I am pleased you both will be able to care for Gary’s mom whilst his older brother and wife are away. I too, hope you find a more permanent place to stay, as that certainly will make life easier. Have a happy day my friend. 🙂

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    • Lynne, we do have much planning to take place, not just finding a possible new location but also the changing of medical needs. Planning is taking place and I will have more to come in the next several weeks. We are looking forward to taking our little trip also to have a change of scenery. Thanks for always stopping by each day – happy day to you as well. 🙂

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    • Orlando for the visit – Gary’s brother lives near there. Not sure where we are looking for a home-base, much of it depends on where I plan to receive my medical needs. Thanks Laurel, we appreciate the hugs – happy day. 🙂

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  5. It’s the same with sailors and those who live on boats. Need a set spot for mail (hopefully a service that can forward things as needed. Computers are such a help now) and voter registration, family, health and sometimes you just feel like you need a home base. The perfect place will appear

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