November 1972 – Song Sung Blue by Neil Diamond

November 1972 – a song popular in this month – Song Sung Blue by Neil Diamond

This was inspired by Mozart’s “Piano Concerto no. 21.” It’s probably the bounciest hit inspired by the classical composer.

Interesting facts about Song Sung Blue & Neil Diamond

Diamond: “This is one to which I never paid too much attention. A very basic message, unadorned. I didn’t even write a bridge to it… I had no idea that it would be a huge hit or that people would want to sing along with it.”

He wears shiny shirts adorned with beads on stage. This can come off as cheesy, but he does it to make himself easier to see.

Neil Diamond gets asked to play “Sweet Caroline” all the time, but he revealed during a Reddit AMA that his favorite song to perform is “I Am…I Said.”

Other artists to record this song include Andy Williams, Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin, Wayne Newton, and the Scottish Punk band Altered Images.

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13 thoughts on “November 1972 – Song Sung Blue by Neil Diamond

  1. One of my favorite artists as a young woman. And I Am .. I Said was always one of my favorites too…just down from Brooklyn Roads. That one and Longfellow Serenade still bring a tear or two to my eye..

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  2. Wow! This certainly does go back. I remember this as a kid. It definitely is a song which I remember often being played. I also remember us even having the Neil Diamond record with this song on !!!
    Hope you are having a nice relaxed Sunday and that the weather is treating you well. 🙂

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  3. I had no idea! I am not familiar with the song (probably because I wasn’t here yet), but I played this concerto in my second year of college – how interesting! I am always fascinated by cross-influences between classical and any other genre of music.
    Thank you, Terry!

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