Today is the 22nd month of my blog!  My anniversary post is something different than the usual posts I write.

3 (March) + 13 (Day) + 22 (Months) = 38

When I was 38 years old, the year was 1998.  If my memory serves me correctly, I found my early 30s to be fun and exciting and found my late 30s to be stressful.  I actually hated my late 30s because I was on the down slope to 40.  Little did I know my 40s would be wonderful years that were a turning point to good things to come.


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Okay back to 38 and 1998.  What was going on in 1998?

If you research, you will find interesting events that occurred in this year.  There were the usual earthquakes around the world, and then there was the Winter Olympic Games in Japan; oh, and let’s not forget President Bill Clinton denied he had “sexual relations” with formal White House intern Monica Lewinsky.


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Okay, enough of that type of information, let’s find some interesting events –

Did you know in 1998, The Search Engine Google was founded?  I did not know this – you may need this information someday for a trivia question.


Image Provided by: Computer Weekly

Did you know in 1998, Titanic was a popular movie? It was released in late 1997 – I think I went to the movie theater 3 or 4 times to watch it.

Did you know in 1998, Spice Girls were popular?  I like Spice Girls, one of my favorite songs of theirs is ‘Wannabe’.

Did you know in 1998, Star Trek: Voyager was a highly-watched TV show?  Yes, I am a trekkie; I have seen all the TV series, but I will admit I have missed a couple of the most recent motion pictures.  I hope to catch-up soon on seeing these movies.

In 1998, my birthday was on a Saturday and most likely I did nothing to celebrate it.  That year, I was in my 3rd and final bad relationship that would end soon and it would be another 5 years before I would meet Gary.


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1998 and 38; an odd time for me as my 30s were coming to an end and soon the 40s would begin.

Today is the 22nd month of my blog!  My anniversary post is something different than the usual posts I write.

58 thoughts on “1998

  1. 22 is my lucky number and husband and I have made it ‘our’ number. So since I own the number 22 (!) I can decree, quite regally, that this is a magic moment in your life yet to come. As for 1998 … I was in my late 30s too but felt liberated and didn’t even notice I was approaching 40. Fond memories of The Spice Girls and endless renditions by my four girls … eldest was always Sporty, Number two was Ginger, Number three was Posh and little one was Baby – this left me to be Scary … read into that what you will 😂. I loved this post and in seriousness I wish you all the happiness 22 has brought my husband and I in the last (almost) 5 years 🤗

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    • Oh, I can see you as Scary – LOL! I feel very lucky to have reached 22 today, and now that I know it is your lucky number I am honored! Today is Monday and rainy – and winter is making one last visit the next few days. Thanks dear Osyth, hope your week is starting wonderfully! 🙂

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      • Hopefully it’ll blow through nice and quickly … where we live I can get up into snow pretty easily but I must say I’m enjoying the breaths of Spring down in the city very much indeed! 🙂

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  2. Happy happy 🙂 22 months of blogging! and here’s to many many more months. So, 1998 was quite a year for you, and for the goings on in the world….Haha…Bill and Monica, trust me to remember all that saga… Hope you make a plan and see those trekkie movies 🙂 Have a good one 🙂

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  3. What a fun post, Terry! I love these flashbacks! So much happening, yet seemingly so minor compared to today. I have managed to completely block 1998 out of my memory as it was not a good year for me, but I think it’s the year I bought my very first computer and discovered AOL. Oh my, but wasn’t that fun. 😮 Thanks for sharing your memories, good and bad! 😀

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  4. Happy anniversary. 1998 was the year my son was born, and is a bit hazy because of that. I don’t think I listened to any new music that year — the baby videos all have a soundtrack of Nina Simone and mid-90s Britpop. I was sleep-deprived and depressed and overwhelmed by the reality of new responsibilities, and the only news events I remember are the Easter floods in England (because they were almost on our doorstep) and the Good Friday Agreement that brought some political calm and and peace to Northern Ireland. I’m not sure I could even have told you who the US president was, let alone who he wasn’t having sexual relations with! 🙂

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    • WOW, considering you were sleep-deprived, you do remember quite a bit. I would say it was a good year for you – because your son was born that year. I would not have remembered the US president either without searching for it – LOL! Thanks Su, I appreciate you stopping by to read and comment. 🙂

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      • In hindsight, it was a great year. My son is a wonderful young man and brings me much joy. At the time though, I had post-natal depression and struggled to cope with even the most basic tasks. One of the (many reasons) I admire you so much Terry is your honesty in talking about your own battles with depression. You are really quite inspirational.

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        • Oh, I understand – and I in no way meant to minimize your post-natal depression and struggles. And I know the importance of your son in your life and to you. Thank you for being honest Su, there are many of us here that have similar experiences – I admire you as well.

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          • Thanks Terry; I didn’t feel that you’d minimized it at all. It’s interesting how our perspective changes over time. I hope you are having a good week, and that your recovery is gaining pace.

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      • We got some snow – not bad. It has gotten cold again, which is not pleasant. Thankfully, this time of year it’s short-lived, and we should be warm-ish again tomorrow.

        On a random note: My parents passed through Pensacola this morning! I didn’t know it until they called me from outside of Tallahassee.

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        • Well I am glad the cold is short-lived, it has decided to make its way down here. We are dipping down in the 30s the next couple of nights. The parents passing through Pensacola – it is a small world. Now that song will be in my head all evening! 🙂

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          • Oh, that’s not pleasant for you – you’re much less used to it than us!

            My parents were saying they haven’t seen the sun much at all since they’ve been down there and in Texas – I hope you’ve at least gotten some sun. The gray never does much for anyone’s mood.

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  5. OMG, I’m a horrible mother. I just saw Su’s comment and realised that my oldest daughter was born in 1998, too! How could I forget that it was an amazing although sometimes nerve-racking year. (New mum nervousness and all.)

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