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Who knows Brian from Bonnywood Manor?

If you have not visited his blog, please do so – you will not be disappointed.

So, why am I mentioning Brian and his blog in this post?  Well you see, I leave comments on other’s blog posts and I truly appreciate the communication that takes place with these comments and the comments left on my blog posts.  I do not always leave a comment, but many times I do.  There was a post Brian published titled ’10 More Signs That Your Body Just Isn’t What It Used To Be’.


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I read this post and could relate to it, so I left the following comment –

LOL, so very funny & true. I can relate to many of these Brian.

Brian responded with this comment –

Terry, I honestly hesitated before posting this, wondering if you might find it a bit offensive that I would be whining about such things when you have a much more challenging situation, but I knew in the end you would be fine with it. We’re both here to help others get through the bigs and the smalls by trying to find the humor and the shared humanity in both. Hope you’re doing well…

I responded with the following comment –

You are a good man, and please don’t ever hesitate on posting because of what I or others might think. I always find humor and laughter here on your blog – it helps me a great deal. Yes, we are here to help others – thanks friend – Happy Friday.

When visiting Brian’s blog, I laugh a lot, I mean where I am holding my belly and laughing.  I have to hold my belly right now because I continue to be a little sore from surgery.  But the laughing is good for me and is great medicine for recovery.


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My friends, I am not offended by much and I appreciate we have a platform here to express our thoughts.

Brian’s sensitivity toward me and my struggles shows what a good man he is.  Thank you Brian and others for writing, posting and publishing your thoughts.  As Brian indicated in his response comment ‘We’re both here to help others get through the bigs and the smalls by trying to find the humor and the shared humanity in both.

I read many posts by other bloggers and find many different emotions from them.

And many of them I find the humor.

53 thoughts on “find the humor

  1. I do not know Brian, and I am looking forward to checking out his site. Laughter is the best medicine 🙂 I am glad you are connected to his site so you can get your dose of the perfect medicine 🙂 Have a great day my friend. x

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  2. HAHAHAHHAHA!!! Thank you for the reference. I admit to having a resurge of jealous for you being sans bladder, because mine went on over active alert during the reading of “10 More Ways…” Thank you Terry! Spot on referral to humor as usual! You’re wonderful! ❤

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    • Very glad Embeecee you enjoyed his post – certainly follow him for a daily dose of laughter! I appreciate you reading today and I see you mentioned me in a post of yours – I will be over there very soon. Happy Thursday! 🙂

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  3. I agree with you 100%. I follow Brian and recommend him highly! Even though my site can be terribly depressing at time, I still try to give people a smile too – no day should be without one!!

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  4. I’ll go visit Brian’s blog, if he is as funny as you say, and thank you for pointing me his way. Meanwhile, I am so glad that your sense of humor is helping in your recovery! Laughter truly is the best medicine so keep smiling!

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  5. Humor…the spice of life! Can’t go a day without a smile on my face at least for a minute! Well, at least I try…I’ll have to check out Brian’s blog…thanks for sharing Terry 🙂 🙂

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  6. Terry, as one who prides himself on having at least a minimal grasp of words, this post is initially leaving me speechless. But I’ll try to slug it out. I can’t adequately begin to tell you how much this means to me. It’s a wonderful, warming shaft of sunlight that lit up everything in me. In my quiet little room at my quiet little desk, when everyone else has tottered off to bed, I sit here and stir-fry my thoughts and add little ingredients here and there and try to come up with a recipe that has a decent taste for those who stumble my way and wish to sample something from the menu. To see you do this post, an unexpected but delightful thing, well, this is where the word-failure comes into play. If I were in Florida right now, you’d be in the middle of a chaste bear-hug that would physically convey what I can’t carve out of language right now. Thank you.

    P.S. Prepare yourself for an onslaught of “like” notifications as I work my way through the comments.

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    • You are welcome Brian. As you remember, I wrote a comment on your blog, that I like you – you make me laugh (a lot), and there are few that do that. I appreciate your blog, your writing and you. Someday I will make it back your way, maybe we can do lunch? Happy Friday my friend. 🙂

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  7. Terry, I will check out Brian’s blog for sure. Hope you are feeling better – keep smiling – and wish you a great weekend with lots of laughter as well!

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