red dots and double blue lines

Back in February in my post ‘Of course, … a course’, I wrote about occasionally making mistakes in my posts usual related to grammar errors.  I read, re-read and proof read my posts and still some grammar errors slip pass.  I have also used a correctly spelled word but used it incorrectly within a sentence.  For instance I found a few times after I published a post, I found an error in which I meant to use the word ‘life’, but instead I wrote ‘live’.

I write my posts in Microsoft Office Word therefore it will catch my spelling errors and I will correct those.


Image Provided by: Microsoft Store

As with the post written above mentioned grammar slipups and the occasionally incorrect used word, I am okay with my writing – because it is me.

I use the latest version of Microsoft Office Word; it is 2016 and is updated by Microsoft when they roll out their updates, usually once a month.  I recently noticed Word now provides me suggestions to my sentence structure.  It will use red dots under a combination of words to suggest I could use one word instead.  For instance when you read the last sentence of this post replace ‘have to’ with ‘must’ or ‘should’.  Word also uses double blue lines under words suggesting a comma should follow.  If you were to view my posts in Word, it appears I do not use enough commas in my sentences.  Yes I understand Word is trying to help.

Now for spell check – thank you, it is not that I necessarily do not know how to spell, it really is that my typing skills are not as they use to be.


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I loved the big keyboards and with my past laptops, I would have a wireless keyboard and mouse and would also have a big screen plugged in.  That was my usual way to work on my computer.  But remember, last year we downsized and now living in an RV, there is less space.  No big screen plugged into my laptop and no wireless big keyboard and mouse.  Now I work off my smaller laptop keyboard and touchscreen.  I like the touchscreen, that does make my life a bit easier, but the small keyboard, not so much.  I make more mistakes in my spelling because I am hitting the wrong key and yes sometimes I do incorrectly spell a word.  Once again, thank you Word for catching those.

Back to my red dots and double blue lines, does it really matter?


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Yes, I know some educators will tell me it does, but I am not a professional writer and am not writing for a professional outlet.  This is my personal blog, and I should be allowed to use words that come from me and not use commas where Word thinks I should use them.  If I updated the word suggestions and used all those commas, I feel it would take away from me, my personality and my writing.

I guess I just have to get use to seeing more red dots and double blue lines.

32 thoughts on “red dots and double blue lines

  1. I entirely agree with you …. Your voice would not be auto corrected or have helpful pronunciation and sentence construction advice in your ear as you speak so you should be able to write as you feel and not have the grammar police grumbling via red and blue lines. As a poi t of interest I AM a writer and I ignore helpful advice from my computer in order to ensure it is my authentic voice, not a sanitized, cleansed version that I publish. So be as frugal as you like with commas and I’ll keep iveruzing dashes and dots to join up my thoughts! 😊

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  2. My recent post jeering at the less than talented in the area of editing and spelling wasn’t directed at anyone, particularly not at YOU. You’ve proven you’re capable of knowing the difference between “your and you’re” and other oddities that float up in the cyberworld and drive the ‘police’ (me, I’m one) nuts. We merely laugh and if the mistake is glaring and public (like on a bus sign or a business that may actually be in the business of publishing) jeer a little. Doesn’t mean the police (me) won’t do the same some time. And especially on a laptop! How do you stand it? You’re wonderful and i hope you have a sparkling good day today! ❤

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    • Oh, I did not take your recent post as directed to me. You know me, I find posts to write about, certainly including the mistakes I make – both big and small. Laugh I do some at my mistakes, but Word is driving me crazy reminding me it wants to me to do better. LOL! 🙂


  3. Here is to seeing more red dots and more double blue lines (LOL) Keep being the authentic you. 🙂 . I think that is the beauty of having a blog, you can be you, say what you want, when you want and how you want. It really doesn’t matter what ‘word’ wants or suggests 🙂 Have a happy Tuesday 🙂

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    • I agree Lynne, and I have just grown accustomed to ignoring most of what Word wants to ‘fix’ for me. I will continue to write the way I write – thanks dear, I am running late on comments today – Happy Wednesday! 🙂

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  4. I’m a fully paid-up member of the language police, have spent most of my adult life earning a living writing, and I have NO PROBLEMS with your posts Terry. In fact, I love that your authentic voice shines through. On a practical note, I think you can turn of Word’s “helpful suggestions” in the “Review” — “Language” menu.

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    • I will certainly look into updating my Word preference “helpful suggestions”. Seeing those red dots and double blue lines drive me crazy – it is an OCD thing. Thanks Su, I appreciate your honestly. 🙂

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  5. Word is a daily practice in patience for me…

    Recently (must have been an update too) it began ‘replacing’ (i.e. autocorrecting) words. I’m working on an assignment, I type ‘generate’… and when I’m editing, it says ‘generative’.

    WTH? It didn’t even flag it for a grammatical mistake. I had suspected Word before of changing words, but was unsure… maybe my typing was just getting that bad?

    As of yesterday, proof: I’m pretty sure I didn’t accidently type ‘generative’ for ‘generate’… not even close in the home keys range of possibility.

    (Oh and I fight with Word Grammar Police too…) Beauty is in the eye of the beholder… and word only knows rules… and rules, well, all the great writers broke them. 😉

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    • LOL, okay will I certainly am one of those writers who have broke the Word rules! I know I can make a setting change to have Word no longer provide those suggestions – they do try me crazy. Thanks for your great comment and understanding. Have a great day. 🙂

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  6. Terry, writing has as many exceptions as “rules” as far as I am concerned. Whatever and however we all wish to communicate is just fine with me. Red dots and double blue lines are better to look at than a blank page for sure. Hope you’re having a great day!

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    • Well, I would like to think my writing is an exception, you know, something special. LOL, I have to feel good about my style of writing without Word thinking it knows best. Thanks Bruce, hope you have a great week – I appreciate your comments. 🙂

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  7. I willingly and knowingly eviscerate grammar all day long. (And I say that as someone who aced every one of the English and/or composition classes during my education, and I took a lot of them. I know I’m behaving badly, in that respect, but it feels so good.) I agree that we should not alter our voice. At the end of the day, it’s not how the words look, but how the words read…

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    • I knew you would understand Brian and your explanation is exactly how I feel…”how the words read…”. I certainly enjoy your writings and posts, they do express you – just as I hope mine express me. Happy day my friend. 🙂

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  8. At first I was offended at how often the red lines came up…LOL I finally told myself how on earth could I be so offended at something I was doing…LOL so I had to thank the red lines for making take it a little slower and help me send out better work….It confirmed that I have forgotten how to spell…LOL…kat

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    • Hey, I totally understand about being offended with those red lines, blue lines and what ever else Word decides to tell me is not correct. I am overcoming it, slowly, but surely one day it will no longer bother me. Thanks kat for catching-up on my posts today. Enjoy the heat! 🙂

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  9. I know what you mean Terry. So much so I’ve written a disclaimer about *my* spelling and any grammar mistakes in my ‘About’ page! 🙂 You don’t have to do that of course, I just did that because some readers were getting so annoyed about those little pesky mistakes. So I just clarified that I’m not perfect! 🙂

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