There is a mirror

There is a mirror you see

Right in front of me

And as I look at the current me

I am reminded of what I use to be


The daily shower to clean the body

Now the body seems so shoddy

There once stood a man who some thought a hottie

But now that changed man he considers himself a nobody


The shower stands in front of that mirror

The doors open I am not far but nearer

I have changed much it is so much clearer

And times I see myself as inferior


You see that mirror it sees the truth

It tells me my reflection is so much different from my youth

As I open the doors, that shower that booth

You see that mirror it sees the truth


But it only reflects the outside of me

There is much more to me, than one can see

My mind will wrestle with the reflection of me

But I remind myself, that, that I can still see


The body is unimportant, because I have changed

Yes, the inside is a little rearranged

But the personality that cannot be exchanged

It remains positive and it remains unchanged


There is a mirror you see

Right in front of me

And as I look at the current me

I am reminded of what I can be


64 thoughts on “There is a mirror

  1. The thing that struck me the most when I happened upon your blog was the life in your eyes. They show determination, happiness, a thirst to get the most out of life. They show kindness, thoughtfulness. You are truly an inspiring person. Take care.

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  2. You are still a hottie.. terry…

    We don’t deal with changes of our bodies too well..

    But you are the same man..
    Just remember how your body has been ravished with that toxic cancer…
    and how you have whooped it..
    You never get back entirely to your hottt look.. as you see it..
    but you are still that same man…
    who has been through a wringer

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  3. Irrespective of illness we are at an age. I had a conversation with Kat over at I can’t damn well remember but you know Kat and it was about ageing. She is a little agier than me but nonetheless the same rules apply. My hair. My long lustrous dark tresses are dyed now and thinning and I spend far too much time wondering what to do about it. Short? My attraction was always in the hair …. short? NOt sure. Grey. Well probably . Certainly just how to get there. Etc etc. YOu are still the hotty you were. Just matured. illness doesn’t help self-esteem but your inner. YOu know your core is special, right? I Hope so because it is. Vive Terry, you very specially matured vintage xx

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    • Thank you Osyth for always having special words for me. I know we are all aging and those changes are not always what we want. Where does the time go, so fast but it seems only yesterday I was very different. But as you say; the core is special, and you are always right! Happy Day Dear! πŸ™‚

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  4. There is a man named Terry
    Whose outlook is so merry
    He’s filled with zest and charm
    And he seeks never to alarm
    Although a heavy burden he must carry.

    You are beautiful yesterday and today. I have this theory that the soul shows through as we age, even the most stunning of individuals in physical form becomes a haggard crone if one’s ‘soul’ is black or stunted. You sir are growing more handsome with age despite the ravages that cancer and age have visited on you. Because your soul is glorious. Your attitude reflects it. When you’re tempted to look at ‘the man in the mirror’ and be sad that the younger reflection is gone, remember who you are inside. That’s the one we’ve all grown to know and love. Take care sweetie! ❀

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  5. Terry, you are a poet and you didn’t know it, but your feet knew it cause they are longfellows!
    Well written. Mirrors can be merciless my friend but they only see the outside. You were a hottie and it’s that spirit that you will never lose!

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  6. Look at that smile… Look into those soulful loving eyes… I see your heart. I see your soul… I know what you mean though as I do the same when I look in the mirror – the aging that has occurred especially in the last 10 years is so shocking sometimes, but we are blessed to be here and have the privilege of aging. I’ll bet you are a better man now than you were then. And that is what matters most. But now I do have to say – you were quite the hottie there mister! Wink! ❀

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  7. Years ago a friend sent a birthday card that asked on the front ‘Do you still have all the right body parts?’ You opened it up and it asked ‘Are they still in the same place?’
    Mine aren’t. Hahaha. We’re all changing in many waysβ€”some more than others. But your smile is as strong as ever.

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  8. An extremely wonderful poem, Terry! Your words are just blazing with your emotions and the changes youΒ΄ve gone through and the insights youΒ΄ve gathered. You are one very remarkable man, talented, clever and kind, even if you donΒ΄t see it always the same way, which somehow makes you even more remarkable.

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