Pain Explained?

In several past posts, I have written about pain and other issues I am experiencing.

In my post ‘Pain‘, I wrote the following –

The pain is here today

For this one thing I know

As the days become weeks

The pain will come and go


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In my post ‘Exactly 1 Month‘, I wrote the following –

I will admit though, I do not feel excellent as I am having difficulties with some pain and other minor issues.  I am not sure if they are related to the surgery or my cancer diagnoses and if over time I will overcome these minor issues.

In my post ‘It’s 2:16 in the morning‘, I wrote the following –

I also have pains not associated to my surgery and recovery that make it difficult at times to find a comfortable position to sleep.

In my post ‘I don’t know‘, I wrote the following –

So, I have aches and pains and other issues that bring me down and I think to myself; are these pains associated with cancer spreading or they a result of my surgery and I am still recovering; or are they result of inactivity on my part because I am restricted to a certain extent to exercise and being more active?


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In today’s post, I write the following –

A week ago I had a procedure and a CAT Scan performed to try to find out the cause of my continued pain and other issues.  I will be honest here, as I am always honest and sometimes blunt on my blog.  The other issues I have referred to is my bowel movement; yes, we all have bowel movements that is part of our bodily functions.  Mine are no longer considered normal and go from one extreme to the other and at times has caused disruptions in my daily life.  I saw a Gastroenterologist early last week and he believes I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome; most likely resulting from my recent surgery.  He indicated it usually corrects itself over time and medication was prescribed to help with the symptoms.  He also suggested a Flexible Sigmoidoscopy (Flex Sig) to rule out cancer.

Tuesday of last week the Flex Sig was performed as well as a CAT Scan.  The results of the Flex Sig indicated no appearance of cancer in my rectum which was near my bladder, when I had a bladder.  This is good news.

The results of the CAT Scan were not so good.  I have several Lymph Nodes in my lumbar region that have increased in size since my last scan took place in early January.  Because this scan only showed the lower part of my chest, there was one Lymph Node in the thoracic region that is also larger in size.

These results have changed everything.

This past Monday upon my initial consultation with my new Urologist Dr. L at Moffitt Cancer Center, I proceeded with blood tests and a Chest CAT Scan.  Today I am having a MRI on my Lumbar Spine, and Echocardiogram, and a Whole-Body Bone Scan.


My friends, it is a good bet the cancer is in other Lymph Nodes in my body and based on other symptoms I am experiencing, it could also be in my bones.

Could the pain I have experienced for 10 weeks now be a result of Lymph Nodes and Bones?

I will receive answers and have more information next week.

93 thoughts on “Pain Explained?

  1. Terry, I had a hard time clicking “like” on this post and only did it as confirmation that I read it. There are no words to express how I feel after reading this so please know that I’m keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

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  2. Oh gosh! Bowel issues are SOO frustrating! I am so sorry you are experiencing them. IBS is so unpredictable it is hard to go out somewhere not knowing what’s going to happen! I sure hope the meds help you.
    You must be exhausted from all the testing. Seems like someone is finally listening to the pain you’ve been experiencing. Praying for good results. Hoping you are ok!

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    • Yes, many days IBS caused me to stay home because I could not trust myself being in public. I hope the meds work also, still having major issues in that department since last week. Test results next week, I appreciate your prayers. 🙂


      • I can VERY much relate. I am sure not completely but I have empathy as any issue in the bowel area is unpredictable and unpredictable and leaving close proximity to a bathroom is just not always doable.

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  3. Terry I’m still praying. You are so brave and strong and I keep praying that your pain will be lessened and things will return to a new normal for you. This sucks but know that God’s not forgotten you and neither have I.

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  4. Oh Terry, I have been thinking of you so much, and wondered how things went with your tests and scans last week. I am so sorry, things weren’t 100%. Yesterday must have been a long, tiring and stressful day for you but I truly believe knowing the results of all the tests will be a huge relief and from there you can move forward. Sending prayers and hugs always 🙂 x

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  5. Terry, adding my thoughts and prayers to everyone else’s. As I’ve noted before it sounds like you have good medical care and that’s such a huge advantage. Hoping for good news forthcoming!

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  6. Oh Terry. Happy to read no rectal cancer but sad to read perhaps in the lymph nodes and bones. I think the new Cancer Center your going to is going to help you get through all of this. I will continue to pray for you. Hugs, Sandy

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  7. Sorry, I got caught off guard with the last bit in your post.
    I’m so glad to hear about the very efficient, organised, and comprehensive care that Moffitt Cancer Center has given you already. You have obviously made an excellent choice taking your health care to them. I feel confident that they will not only be able to offer you the most cutting edge, up to date testing and diagnosis but also treatments and medication. 🙂

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    • I believe the choice for care at Moffitt Cancer Center is the best for me. And they do involve themselves in the latest trials and most up to date information. I feel I am in great hands with them. Thanks Amanda. 🙂

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  8. It felt so wrong “liking” this post, but I know that you know how it is meant… I´m so glad your bowels are not affected, though this syndrome really is terrible. I have a friend who has it on and off, it´s stress related in her case. It´s just awful when you can´t go out like you want to… But as your doctor said, it is indeed a thing that usually corrects itself and I keep my fingers crossed that it will do so really quickly! I´m also glad that the new medical attention you´re getting is that efficient and that you feel good cared for. As for the other test results I hope for the best possible outcome, Terry. Sending you love and hugs across the ocean! 🙂

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  9. Terry!!! This is very overwhelming, I am sure… both physically and emotionally! I don’t really know what to say… My thoughts and prayers are with you and Gary. My hope is that this new care center and doctors will provide you options and care that will truly be comforting and a blessing to you!

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