Round Two

This past Monday’s post ‘This Friday – The Next Stage‘, I wrote the following –

Dr. L. is honest and upfront with respect to my cancer.  There is no cure for my cancer; this next round of chemotherapy treatment is to hopefully stop the cancer from spreading or slow down the progression of it.  Once this chemotherapy is over, there are other treatment options available and at that time we will discuss the next steps to be taken.

This Friday, I will begin my next round of chemotherapy, the next stage in my journey with cancer.


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In today’s post, I write the following –

Round Two –

Today I start my chemotherapy.

I have been through this before and I know the process.

Round one of chemotherapy was 1 treatment for 2 weeks and then 1 week off.  There were 4 cycles that resulted in 12 weeks.

Round two of chemotherapy is 1 treatment for 1 week and then 2 weeks off.  There will be 4 cycles that results in 10 weeks.

I have been through this before and I know the process.  What I do not know are the results.

For now, I do not know the results of the chemotherapy treatment once it is completed.  These results will be revealed many weeks from now.

For now, I do not know the results of how this chemotherapy treatment will affect me.  These results will be revealed in the next many days from now.

Round one of chemotherapy I was tired a lot, but was never nauseated and did not lose my hair.

Round two of chemotherapy I expect to be tired a lot and I hope not to be nauseated or lose my hair.

I have positive expectations of this chemotherapy treatment for both long term and short term.


80 thoughts on “Round Two

  1. Dear Terry, you are not having “a journey WITH,” but a valiant battle AGAINST cancer! I wish you good luck with the second round of chemo, and I am positive that you will win the battle.
    BTW, inasmuch as I can relate to your concern about hair loss, think of it this way: a perfect South Beach haircut at no extra expenses for a fancy barber shop!

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  2. If anyone can get through this with the best outcome it is you Terry. Your sheer determination and positive energy is amazing. All the best; I hope you have a restful weekend. An extra helping of hugs and Kiwi energy coming your way.

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  3. Wishing you well on this stage Terry. If it is a different coacktail, you may have a different response. Don lost his hair second time around, but didn’t loose his ability to taste. He was so releived, that he could eat. There are always small blessings. Take good care of yourself and love each other 💕

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  4. Happy to read no nausea or hair loss. I haven’t gotten sick yet, and I have not lost my hair yet either, but it isn’t growing since my last trim! I go for Leukine shots (white blood cells) 6 days per week, a B-12 every week and an Iron IV once every two weeks. Chemo….2 treatments each month. So far I have had 4 chemo infusions. Lab every Monday. Dr. once each month. It is a pain. They give me something that really knocks me out before the Iron infusion…I think it is something for nausea and vomiting. The nurse always kids me and says you won’t be talking long….a little humor in that office goes a long way with the nurses. Each one of the nurses have someone in their own family that has or had cancer. Two nurses had cancer. I keep myself busy but I do take a nap from time to time. I also care for my 88 year old mother and she keeps me busy, so I think that keeps me going and I don’t have much time for self. I keep you in my prayers nightly, and wish only the very best for you Terry.

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