quality of life………… (or lack of it)

Several weeks ago in my post ‘Pain Explained?‘, I concluded with the following words –

My friends, it is a good bet the cancer is in other Lymph Nodes in my body and based on other symptoms I am experiencing, it could also be in my bones.

Could the pain I have experienced for 10 weeks now be a result of Lymph Nodes and Bones?

I will receive answers and have more information next week.

In today’s post, I write the following words –

With the recent move to Tampa, Florida and change in healthcare, comes more doctor visits, appointments and more medications.

The transition to this area is a struggle with regards to finding new doctors and scheduling the appointments.

My insurance provider is through the military and they can easily change my location.  Now that we are in our new location, I was assigned a new Primary Care Manager (PCM), who handles most if not all the referrals I need for specialist care.



Prior to leaving Pensacola, Florida, I was able to get my Urologist Dr. P. to refer me to see an Oncologist in Tampa for 2 visits.  This is how I have able to see my current Oncologist Dr. L. and have my subsequent tests a couple of weeks ago.

Last week, I had my first visit with my new PCM Dr. T., who is the head of Internal Medicine at the MacDill Air Force Base medical facility.  Now that this visit has taken place, I can continue to have referrals made to Dr. L. at Moffitt Cancer Center.

As mentioned in the beginning of this post, it was thought the pain I have experienced since my surgery may be a result of cancer being in my Lymph Nodes and Bones.

It appears no cancer is in my bones and though I do have cancer in the Lymph Nodes in my lumbar area; Dr. L. indicates it would not cause the pains I am experiencing.

I have 2 specific pains that are causing me discomfort in my daily activities.   Because of these 2 separate pains’ intensity and consistency I have been and continue to be on a large amount of pain medications.  Overtime the pains have increased and so have the pain medications.  My quality of everyday life it not good and I am not enjoying life at all right now.

And now with chemotherapy treatment again, I will struggle more so if the pains are not controlled.

20170416_194313There is much to do here in the Tampa area and so many other activities that Gary and I would like to do – but I am unable to do them at this time.  Between the pain and the side effects of the drugs I am taking, I just cannot do much at all.  This bothers me, I want Gary to enjoy his life and I want to enjoy mine as well.

Now that I have my new PCM Dr. T., I hope to find the reasons for these pains and find a resolution to stopping them or treating them so that my quality of life becomes better.

69 thoughts on “quality of life………… (or lack of it)

    • Thank you Sophie for your encouraging words. I hope to have additional doctor visits in the coming weeks to find the source. Thanks for your concern, I hope you have a great week. 🙂


  1. As a metastatic cancer survivor if I can be of any help please reach out to me. I don’t detail in my blog posts my treatment but I have tried on my own remedies, that helped me recover along side with conventional treatment. You can email me or text, I can provide both if you like. My mission in life is to help others dealing with this dreadful disease. Family, faith and prayers played a big part as well.

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    • Thanks Lynne, truly I am being dragged down and exhaustion. I do walk everyday, but honestly it is becoming increasing difficult for me to exercise for any period of time without the pain increasing. Appointments with specialist I hope to have within the week. Thank you for always caring for me, I hope you are having a good day. 🙂

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    • Kathryn, I am currently waiting on referrals to the specialist which come today or tomorrow, then appointments can be made – so some progress. In the mean time, I just keep taking more pills – which I hate to do – but they are needed. Thank you for stopping by each day to check in – I appreciate you very much. 🙂

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  2. The thing about chronic pain (as you’re finding out) is that one sort of gets used to it. That sounds awful, but it’s actually a blessing. After a while you find the regime that works to minimize the pain, you find the level of activity that doesn’t exacerbate the pain so that you’re down for three days because you over did things, and maybe this is the best part – you come to accept it as a part of your life. Does it ENHANCE that quality? No it does not. But some people can live with chronic pain and still have a full rich life. I’ve been in some degree of bone and joint pain for 15+ years now and have learned what is best for me in regards to keeping it at an acceptable level. Sometimes it means just sitting or lying around all day after taking a couple of doses of acetaminophen or ibuprofen (I can’t take pain meds because of the side effects you are becoming familiar with – maybe better stated I REFUSE to take them). Chronic pain is individualized and (IMHO) no two people deal with it the same. My belief is that YOU are going to be one of those remarkably strong people who bear it and move along because you already have a positive outlook and most important of all a strong support system. Bless you and Gary in this troubling time.

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    • Embeecee, it is very tough on me right now as I am very limited on my daily activities before I am worn out and have to rest. It is difficult to plan ahead because I never know how I will be feeling. I am now taking all kinds of medications in hopes of finding some relieve. Thanks dear for your always welcomed comments. Happy Day to you.


    • Thank you Alexis, the chronic pain is very frustrating and tiring my body as well as my mind. I need relieve soon – I just want to enjoy life again. Thanks dear for your support and words of encouragement. 🙂

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  3. Oh Terry, I’m so sorry to hear of the ongoing pain. I hope your new doctors figure out what’s going on very soon and can offer treatment/relief so that you and Gary can get on with enjoying things together.

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    • Thanks Su, I do also hope to find some relieve soon, there are many things in our new area to explore. I am hoping to have visits in the next couple of weeks to help find the source. Thanks for your nice comment – happy week. 🙂

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    • Slowly I will be able to get into appointments in hopes of finding out what is going on with my body. In the mean time, I am on lots of pain medications – which I do not like at all. But I do hope soon to find some answers. Thanks Jodi, you support is important – I appreciate you. 🙂

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  4. Have you ever watched the Truth About Cancer series by Ty Bollinger. I have watched two different series from him, they have some on YouTube and sometimes you can watch it for free elsewhere. It is so amazing and hopeful.
    You probably here stuff like that all the time, sorry, but if there is a chance you haven’t heard it and it could help you, I would want to be able to share that.
    Read ya later Gater!

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    • Thank you David, I appreciate your thoughts and understanding. Soon I hope, the pain will be no more and life again will be enjoyable. I always appreciate your comments and hope all is well with you. 🙂

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  5. I so much hope they´ll find the source of your pains soon, so that they can be treated accordingly, Terry! Pain just sucks and it´s totally ruining life quality. But don´t blame yourself that you´re not able to go out as much as you want, or that Gary stays with you instead of going out himself! As soon as you´re feeling better, you will catch up with all the wonderful activities waiting for you!! 🙂

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    • Sarah, it is difficult to not enjoy life when there are many things I would like to do. The weather is beautiful here and with so many activities, I feel I am missing out on many things. I tire easily and have to rest a lot. I hope soon this lifestyle changes and once again I can get out and enjoy life. Thanks for always stopping by to read and comment. Wishing you a wonderful week. 🙂

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      • I can only imagine how hard and difficult that must be for you, Terry. It’s harder if you see other people having all the fun outside you long to do yourself, right? But try to think of the good time you, Gary and Roxy will have when this treatment is completed! It will come sooner than you think. Huge hugs coming your way! 😄

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  6. Oh Terry, I am so sorry your experiencing so much pain. Changing Dr’s, locations I hope will be to your best benefit, and when all of the test results come back you will know more. I liked what Miss Gentileschi had to say! I am praying for you and hoping for the very best.

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    • The pain is exhausting and really bringing me down both physically and mentally. It is constant and I continue to remain optimistic I will have relieve as soon as I can have appointments with my new doctors. Thanks Sandy for stopping by, I appreciate you reading and commenting. Happy day my friend. 🙂

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