PCM Visit

In my post ‘Pain Explained?‘, I wrote the following –

Could the pain I have experienced for 10 weeks now be a result of Lymph Nodes and Bones?

I will receive answers and have more information next week.


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In my post ‘This Friday – The Next Stage‘, I wrote the following –

Friday of last week I met with Dr. L. to discuss the results of the previous week’s tests and my future.  At this time, there is no indication my cancer has spread to any major organs or my bones.  However, it is confirmed my cancer is in the lumbar region Lymph Nodes as well as the thoracic region Lymph Nodes.

In today’s post, I write the following –

A little over 3 months ago, I had major surgery to remove my bladder, prostate and other male related organs.  The surgery recovery, I feel is satisfactory, but I have experienced some pain ever since then.  You may remember immediately prior to surgery I was experiencing major pain and was on major pain medications.  At that time I was experiencing many different pains and some of those pains I no longer feel.  Now, many weeks into my recovery; I continue to experience major pain and continue major pain medications.

Upon a recent visit with my Oncologist Dr. L. at the Moffitt Cancer Center, I asked if these pains could be a result of the cancer being in my Lymph Nodes, particularly the lumbar region.


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This is the region that most of the pain is originating from and then spreads to other areas of my body.  Dr. L. responded that the pain I am experiencing would not be a result of my cancer.

I mentioned in my post ‘quality of life……. (or lack of it)‘, that I have 2 specific pains that cause discomfort in my daily activities and is affecting my quality of life.  I also mentioned I had an appointment with my Primary Care Manager (PCM); and we discussed my current pain issues.

The visit with my new PCM Dr. T went very well and I was extremely satisfied with her ability.  Dr. T. is the head of Internal Medicine at the MacDill Air Force Base medical facility and she took quite a bit of time to discuss my past medical history and current issues that are taking place.  She was truly interested in me and having me feel better.  Additional medications were prescribed and referrals are submitted for other specialized care.

20170416_194313 (2)These referrals for specialized care include a Urologist to continue the care and follow-up of my recent surgery.  Other referrals include Neurologist, Pain Management, and because I have the service available to me, a referral was put in for Optometrist.   Recently, I have noticed the eyes are not what they once were and having an examination would be a benefit.

I expect several more weeks of appointments to take place and the hopes are this pain that is affecting my daily activities can be controlled to a minimal level so that I may have a better quality of life.

37 thoughts on “PCM Visit

    • Thanks Peggy, things are progressing slowly. I have received my referrals today and am in the process of making appointments. So much to do when you move to a new location. Thanks dear for always stopping by. 🙂


    • Thanks Kim, today I received the referrals and now it is just getting the appointments made. I am hoping in the weeks to come, I will be feeling much better. Thanks for your comment today, I appreciate it very much. 🙂

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      • Obviously not like you, but extreme pain,(right leg) which Doctor since Christmas has no idea what has caused it. His advice is take as much of the Liquid Morphine I need, I also wear a High Strength Morphine Patch, have done for years now. Pain too strong for medications, we do what we have to don’t we. I admire you greatly, take care.

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    • Yes, I was very impressed with her, she seemed to really care about me. Now making appointments with the other specialties including Pain Management hopefully in the next couple of weeks. Thanks Sarah.

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      • That’s exactly how one can recognize a good doctor I think, if they really care for their patients. Sadly many seem to care more about how to make more money… it’s good to know that there are still those around who take their Hippocratic oath seriously.
        Have a lovely day, Terry! 😄

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  1. Phew, you have a lot going on, a lot of appointments coming up….but you know what, this is all for the best and I also know that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Thinking of you always 🙂 Hugs my friend.

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  2. Pain management I believe is one of the hardest areas for the MD’s…its easy to snow a person and then all they do is sleep and no pain….however wanting to provides adequate pain relief leaving you able to function at a level so you can still live a productive life can be tricky. I have faith that your team will get you under control so your both comfortable and able to get along with your life…..feel better my friend….xxkat

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