Coloring & Making Bracelets

It has been a long time since I wrote a post about Gary’s mom.  She has Dementia and is currently living with Gary’s younger brother in Florida near Pensacola.  For those of you who wish to know more about her, you are welcome to read these posts I wrote last year –

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You may remember, we took Gary’s mom from the younger brother’s home to the older brother’s home in Orlando right before Christmas last year.  She stayed with the older brother until we took her back to the younger brother in late March this year.


Prior to our actual move from Pensacola, Florida to Tampa, Florida, I had a consultation with an Oncologist at the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa.  That consultation resulted in subsequent tests later that same week.  There were tests scheduled in one day and it literally took all day to complete them.  A couple of these test involved having to spend several hours in between them and Gary and his mom needed to do something while I was having the actual tests.


We were fortunate that Moffitt Cancer Center has specific areas in their hospital for just that; finding something to do.  While I was having my bone scan, Gary and his mom spent time coloring and making bracelets.   I wanted to share a few pictures with you of Gary’s mom – my mother in law.  She is 94 and is in great physical heath and she can walk faster than me.  There is the Dementia that causes issues at times, but that day while waiting for me, she was happy coloring and making her bracelets.

And do you see the important message she had for me?


55 thoughts on “Coloring & Making Bracelets

  1. Alzheimer’s and dementia of all varieties sucks. It’s hard to watch someone you love simply fade away. My maternal grandmother had Alzheimer’s and it was devastating to observe. He looks a lot like momma, by the way. 😊

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  2. Oh Terry, this is beautiful and has touched my heart in so many ways. Gary’s mom is a beautiful lady, and at 94 she is remarkable. The bracelets are amazing, and as for the colouring, she is a star, it’s lovely! I would imagine both the making of the bracelets and the colouring must be extremely therapeutic. Thank you for sharing this with us my friend. Hope your day will be good and that you are feeling well. 🙂 x

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  3. What a lovely message and what a great day she had.
    Poor John’s Aunt Esther lived with us for eight years before going into demented aged care at 97. She was quite demented for the last four years she was with us. She liked to knit, listen to music and play with the dog. I wish colouring had been popular then. I never thought of it, but I think she would have enjoyed that too.

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    • She really enjoyed the coloring and making of the bracelets, at that time it was giving her something to concentrate on and a purpose – she had a great time. Thanks Peggy for stopping by, I always enjoy your comments. 🙂

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  4. Dementia in a loved one is very hard to deal with. I had that issue with my step-mother while I had to take care of my father through his illness at the same time. Gary’s mom looks like she is well and lovingly taken care of, and at that moment she was lucid enough to create this message for you – this is precious! It brought tears to my eyes!

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  5. Wonderful job with the bracelets and coloring…and a fantastic job delivering that special message to you. A super lady at any age. Have a great day and even better weekend Terry!

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