their importance to me

More than one year, a little less than two years my body decided to become sick with cancer.  Well, it mostly likely was sick with cancer before that particular day.  That particular day was in September of 2015, that’s when my body decided to let me know.  Since then, I have seen many doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers.

Since then, that day in September of 2015, I have had 2 minor surgeries and 1 major surgery.  Since then, I have received 12 weeks of chemotherapy and now am going through another round of chemotherapy.  Since then, I have had a nephrostomy tube and a ureteral stent and I continue to have a PowerPort inserted into my chest.  Since then, I no longer have a bladder or prostate and other male reproductive organs.  Since then, I have lost 30 pounds.

I am unable to provide you with the count of how many needles have been inserted into my body for blood tests, or the number of IVs I have had or the number of days spent in the hospital.  I am unable to provide you the names and countless numbers of prescription drugs I have taken.

During my Chemotherapy last year, I thanked the nurses for assisting me and for being kind and compassionate.

During my stay in the hospital after surgery this past January, 20170116_195426I thanked the nurses for assisting me and for being kind, compassionate and for helping me during a difficult time.  These nurses were the best and made my hospital stay pleasant considering why I was there.

I also have thanked other healthcare providers and doctors.

I go out of my way to thank doctors who I feel truly care about me and my health and want me to be healthier.

I think sometimes being in healthcare can be a thankless job.  I have learned these people; nurses, doctors and other healthcare providers, many of them truly want to help, truly care and truly want us healthier.


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But when we are not at our healthiest, they are always there for us.  This has been my experience, I am fortunate not because I have cancer.  No I am fortunate for those that are treating me because I have cancer.

I let them know their importance to me – I just wanted to share it with you as well.

35 thoughts on “their importance to me

  1. What a wonderful tribute from one who knows the importance of the work, the often thankless and heartbreaking work that health care professionals do. I hope many of those caring for you will get the chance to read your words and I am certain that those that do will be touched to the core that you have taken the time to write such wonderful words.

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    • Thanks Osyth, there are many of these caring people that go to work each day and may not receive a ‘thank you’. I try to do that every time I am around them. Important people they are. I hope your day is beautiful and filled with sunshine. 🙂

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  2. You are so wonderful Terry. Again, thinking of others as you always do. What a beautiful post acknowledging the hard work and dedication of all the people in health care that have cared for you, one way or another. I am sure, they appreciated hearing those words, Thank You and knowing that it came from your heart even made it sweeter. Take care and have a lovely day my friend. 🙂

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  3. Cancer tries to rob you of your body, your peace of mind, your dignity, your privacy, your hope and dreams. It’s the most heart-wrenching of human experiences. I too lost count of procedures and needle sticks, tests, and hospital trips. Whatever you do, don’t let it rob you of today and its moments. Stay in the present, that’s all you can really do! What wonderful, kind, words you have blessed your caregivers with, they make all the difference! Grace and Peace to you!

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  4. This is such a lovely post Terry. It is so easy, in the midst of our own pain, to look through our carers and just not see them. Thank you for acknowledging these important people. And I’m glad you’ve had such great teams looking after you.

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    • There are a few I have told, but did not give them the name. There are a few selective people I give it to, I have not given the site name to my family. They know I have one, but they have not read any of my posts.

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  5. your medical team is wonderful…and a good nurse makes all the difference in your hospital stay….I am so happy to see this wonderful tribute to them…..hip-hip-horary for the medical staff…xxkat

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    • They are very important and I have been fortunate to have had wonderful medical personal to assist and take care of me. Thanks kat – hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  6. Such a wonderful post, Terry! I agree, it has to be a thankless job at times, and I´m sure the medics and personal treating you will appreciate your thanks very much! You´re so wonderful for doing this everytime! 🙂

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  7. Great expression of gratitude Terry. I am sure anyone in the healthcare industry reading this would find themselves smiling and feeling pretty special regardless of whether they treated you or not.

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