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In last Friday’s post ‘Cancer, Pain & Guilt‘, I wrote the following words –

Next week I see a Neurologist and I hope with that appointment to find the source of my nerve pain.  I am also hoping to find some relieve from this pain without having to continue to take a great deal of pain medication.

In today’s post, I write the following words –


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You remember the reason for starting chemotherapy again is because my cancer had spread into my lymph nodes both in the thoracic area and lumbar area.

Since my surgery back in January I have experienced several types of pain in my lower back that radiate out into the legs and upper back.

I had asked my Oncologist Dr. L. if my cancer was causing this pain and he indicated to me no.  The main pain in the lower back feels like it is in my bones, specially my pelvis.  A bone scan concluded there was no cancer in my bones.  Another pain I have is a stinging pain starting in the lower back that radiates down my legs, specifically on my right side.

Both these pains have increased over the past many weeks and pain medications have increased as well.  My quality of life has decreased because I am unable to do many easy activities without having pain associated with it.

20170416_194313 (2)This past Tuesday, I had my appointment with the Neurologist.  After providing information and performing some basic activities and upon reviewing my most recent scans; it was determined that one of the tumors on my lymph nodes closes to my spine is pressing against my genitofemoral nerve.  The neurologist report also indicated due to my lengthy 10 ½ hours surgery; pressure was placed on my lateral femoral cutaneous nerve.  So possibly these nerves are the cause of the pain I am experiencing.

The Neurologist suggested I be referred to Radiation Oncology for radiation treatments to help boost the chemotherapy and reduce the tumor that is pressing against the genitofemoral nerve.  The referral is in place for the consultation at the end of this month.  My hope is the radiation treatments can be worked in the schedule along with my chemotherapy treatments.  I am unsure at this time how this will be handled.

Prior to my Radiation Oncology appointment, I will have my first of two appointments for my Facet Injections.  You may remember I was also referred to Pain Management and it was suggested by them to have 2 appointments for the Facet Injections.

My current chemotherapy sessions result in me being very tired and I also eventually will have an outbreak of mouth sores.


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These mouth sores occurred during my chemotherapy last year and again are occurring with the current chemotherapy.  I do have a solution for the mouth sores that both relieves the pain and helps in healing them, but I usually will have them for 7-10 days.

More appointments and procedures will take place in the upcoming weeks; hopefully these will result in pain relief.

37 thoughts on “appointments and procedures

  1. It sucks. This bitch cancer, really sucks. All the added extras like being forced to have fries and onion rings and ketchup and pain in a burger joint. You cope. You cope beyond admirably even though you might think you don’t. I am certain most reading this are thinking what on earth would I do? How would I cope even a teeny jot? But that doesn’t mean its easy or you are some sort of other worldly superhuman. It hurts, it makes you exhausted, it drains your quality of life. And I just want to tell you again that I am so proud of you. And that I will never leave your virtual side and that I am angry on your behalf that you even have to face this let alone walk through its fire. That is all. My friend I send you flowers and fluffy clouds on a sunny day and warm walks in the shadow of cool pine trees and oceans lapping the shores benignly and hugs.. Always hugs.

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    • Osyth, I can always count on you to be my supportive virtual friend. And you know? it does suck – I hate what is happening to my body and to me. I am tired, beaten down and at times ready to give up. I cant give up, I keep pulling myself up and keep moving forward because of the support and encouragement of my many friends here. Thanks dear for the flowers and fluffy clouds, and yes the hugs. Hope you have a super wonderful weekend. 🙂

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    • Knowing helps, but I am really looking forward to the relief. I will have to wait a couple more weeks before anything, so in the meantime I continue with what I have been doing. Thanks Sarah, have a great weekend. 🙂

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    • Yes, I remain hopeful the plan will be successful and I will find some relief soon. There is much taking place in a couple of weeks, so it will be interesting how it all works out – I am optimistic. Thanks Kathryn for your always nice comments of support. Have a great weekend. 🙂

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  2. you are going through so much dear Terry – and you still write and share love with all of us. you are a strong, good man who is handling so much! Sending big tight (well not so tight they hurt you 🙂 ) HUGS!!! xo

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    • I try to remain strong Jodi, but at times I am not. I am falling short on my own expectations and this is bothering me. I am just too tired and feeling pain to do many things right now, I need some relief soon. Thank you Jodi for the hugs and for your friendship. 🙂

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  3. I am so happy that the scans came back negative for cancer in your bones or spine….and damn them for having to press on parts of the body that were working just fine thank you!!! I know they had to but it feels good to blame someone..(however even as I write this I am so thankful for your wonderful medical team 10+ hours of surgery…God Bless them all) but still it really didn’t help to add insult to injury, and I know they had no other options………I am so sorry my friend….I know living with pain on a day to day basis is the worst…..hang in there, sounds like relief is coming soon….I think of you every day and have been sending moon beams to you for healing…..we are currently in Nevada at Minden, in Carson Valley….the Sierra Nevada’s are covered in snow and I am sitting here watching the sun set behind them….sending you sunset rays along with the moon beams later on to help heal and give you energy……always…xxkat

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    • Thanks kat for your support and sending the sunset rays with the moon beams, they lift me up. I hope the pain relief comes soon as I am becoming beaten down and finding it difficult to find good in my life right now. Enjoy your beautiful views and trip and Happy Day to you my good friend. 🙂

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  4. At least they seem to have figured out what is the cause for those back pains and I hope soooo much that radiation will finally help to reduce or even get rid of them! Those mouth sores sound awfully painful too! It must be a pain in the a.. when you´re eating. I hope they will vanish soon! Many hugs & sunshine to you! 🙂

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    • In the next several weeks, I am hoping the relief will be here. Some days the pain medications do a good job, and other days, it is a little more difficult for me. And then there is the side affects of medications and chemo to deal with. I to my best. Thanks Sarah, I always appreciate you stopping by. 🙂

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      • I´m familiar with the side effects of pain medications, my mom has to take them too. It always makes her grow tired much faster than everybody else, but without them she wouldn’t be able to work at all. I hope so much the injections will bring you a much better relief than the pills!

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