her words, her love

2015, I started my blog on the 13th, so I missed Mother’s Day because it was on the 10th of that year.

2016, my post ‘about you, moms!‘, was dedicated to you the moms who follow my blog.

2017, I dedicate this special day to my mom.  I have written many posts about her and the importance of her is my life.  To recognize her for just one day is not enough.


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I wrote in last year’s Mother’s Day post –

I have written several posts about my mom and her importance in my life.  You can read more about her in these posts ‘Thanks Mom!‘, ‘Magnificent‘ and ‘Happy Birthday Mom‘.  She also has been mentioned in other posts as she was my main support during my years of major depression.  She is important to me and I truly think she is the best mom in the world! 

Since last year’s Mother’s Day post, I have also wrote this post about my mom ‘My mom, she worries‘.

My mom does worry as I think most moms do about their children.  She knows I am sick with a disease that is significant.  And at times on our phone conversations she will cry, I do not want her to, but she does.  I know I am important to her just as much as she is important to me.

But, 2 days ago, this past Friday, it was my turn to cry.  I called my mom because I needed her.  The pain level was high that day and I was having difficulty dealing with it and being optimistic about the future.  I cried on the phone to my mom and told her I was feeling tired and weak and worn down.  I don’t know how I was going to continue on.  I was showing my weakness to my mom and I told her I always want to show strength in dealing with my cancer and the affects it is having on my body.


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She told me no one can bear this much weight without showing some weakness every once in a while.  She said to let it out, let go of the frustrations and worries.  As I cried, I felt comfort in her words, my mom’s words have helped me many times in my life, her words, her love; they provide me something that no one else can give me.  That is my mom, my biggest supporter and encourager; she has always helped me during difficult times in my life as she continues to do so today.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

33 thoughts on “her words, her love

  1. That is a beautiful post to your mom. Although she worries about you, she must be glad to be able to give you comfort in your time of need. I will raise a glass tonight to your lovely mother, mine, and all the others out there.

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  2. Mother’s are so special 🙂 and I am so happy that your dear mom is still here for you, being able to comfort you in these stressful times and being your greatest supporter always. Your mom’s words are wise my friend. Hold onto them always. Happy Mother’s Day to your dear mom. 🙂 x

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    • I am glad I called her that day, I really needed to talk with her. I have been trying to be strong to everyone, but the burden of my current situation weighs heavy on me right now. All is better today – thank you Peggy. 🙂

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  3. She sounds lovely. I lost my mother in 2005 and having read another post about mothers today, one that was as different from yours as day is from night, it makes me glad I had her. She wasn’t perfect but she taught me valuable lessons and how to be strong. Take care Terry and cry when you need to. You have lovely support.

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    • Thank you Osyth, I would have to agree with you, I do have a wonderful mother. Our bond is strong. I am not sure if you celebrate this special day where you are, from me to you – Happy Mother’s Day. 🙂

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      • Thank you so much! In England ‘Mothering Sunday’ is in March so I had no special moments with my daughters and I left my mum be because I know she was carousing with ‘the golden years’ ….. the very old on the loose in her village with the not quite so old in attendance! But my stepson with whom I had a very bad moment last year sent me a lovely message and I do believe that the rift is healing and that made my heart warm because he is my husband, my true love’s, only child and it is so important to me that we try to be comfortable and content as a blended family.

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        • Time heals wounds, some of them take longer than others. I am glad to hear that the rift is healing. You are special and deserve good things – this is my wish for you. Have a happy week Osyth! 🙂

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          • It was complicated and nothing to do with me. Caught in the crossfire you might say but I am so glad it is healing because I really hate being out of sorts with people or disliked by people (of course I’m sure there are people who don’t like me but I prefer it not to be obvious) It makes me very anxious.

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