Writing Frustration

Lately I am tired quite a bit, the pain medications cause me to be drowsy.


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I find it difficult to concentrate and therefore make many mistakes in my writing.


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Most of the mistakes I find, because I must proof read everything these days.


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The posts I write and the comments I leave on other’s posts and the response comments I leave on my posts; I must proof read them several times.


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Upon proof reading, I have found I will leave a word completely out of a sentence.  My brain knows what words I what to type, but the fingers are not always typing those words.  I also am finding more errors with switching letters, you know that dyslexia that I have.


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My tiredness and lack of concentration is causing me to make many mistakes.  And even after proof reading, I still find errors.


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Writing Frustration.


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38 thoughts on “Writing Frustration

  1. I am sorry to hear about your frustration! You’re right, what’s happening is undoubtedly the result of pain medication. Does it relieve your pain effectively? If it does, then it’s worth a few writing mistakes. It’s your beautiful personality that shines through every word you send out into the blogosphere, errors notwithstanding.
    Keep smiling, Terry!

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  2. Don’t you worry about being perfect! We all make mistakes. And we would rather simply hear from you with possible typos than not hear at all! Don’t you know by now we love you no matter what?!?! ❤️😉. Xo

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  3. Terry, seriously do not worry. No-one is perfect and I am just so happy to be hearing from you. I am not looking for mistakes. I am just interested in what you are saying. Just be you my friend and when the medication takes over and messes with things, it is okay. Hope you have a relaxing day. 🙂 x

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    • It is that perfectionist and OCD part of me. I feel better if things are perfect – but I understand as you indicated I should not worry. Thanks Lynne for your understanding – Happy Day! 🙂

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  4. I make plenty of mistakes in my writing daily! I just want to hear from you and do not care about wirting mistakes. I also love reading your blog with or without mistakes, I don’t care either way. Keep writing and I hope the pain goes away!!! xoxo

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  5. Keep cool and be at peace. I have caught myself on a number of mistakes right after hitting the publish button. 😀 so cheers you are not alone. Most importantly your health matters more. And seriously this post is very colorful. I like the pictures

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    • Oh, I have to be very careful because my brain and hands are just not talking to each other. LOL, I still have mistakes slip by – drives me crazy. I had to add a little humor with the pictures. 🙂


  6. It’s SO hard when you are a perfectionist and you want to get it right but you are battling with a cocktail of meds and you are dyslexic so it’s not at all surprising those pesky mistakes are making themselves felt. I know it’s hard but try and laugh about it. And certainly understand that no-one but you will be hard on you for any that sneak through. Hugs to you and sunshine and stardust and moonbeams and all the other ephemeral delights that have nothing to do with a keyboard 🙂

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    • Yes, the perfectionist is being challenged at this time. Osyth, it takes me so much longer these days on WP, because my mind is just not functioning good and seriously I am having extreme difficulty when writing. It both bothers me and upsets me. I always appreciate your hugs, hope you week is wonderful. 🙂

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  7. I think I’ve told you before, if you make a mistake, I probably won’t even notice it! I am sure you notice them more because they’re your mistakes, but most of the time my eyes just ignore it or automatically correct it without getting stuck on it. You can misspell all the words and make all the mistakes you want as far as I am concerned!

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  8. My medication makes me pay less attention to my writing and I have lost some editing skills. OCD just makes it worse!! I made a small mistake at work this week and went to bed for two days – don’t you just want to slap yourself??? 😘

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