Last Friday, in my post ‘appointments and procedures‘, I wrote the following –

The Neurologist suggested I be referred to Radiation Oncology for radiation treatments to help boost the chemotherapy and reduce the tumor that is pressing against the genitofemoral nerve.  The referral is in place for the consultation at the end of this month.  My hope is the radiation treatments can be worked in the schedule along with my chemotherapy treatments.  I am unsure at this time how this will be handled.

Prior to my Radiation Oncology appointment, I will have my first of two appointments for my Facet Injections.  You may remember I was also referred to Pain Management and it was suggested by them to have 2 appointments for the Facet Injections.

In today’s post, I write the following –

Some posts I published in the past couple of weeks included bad days due to pain, despair, guilt, weakness, unhappiness, death and tears.  There for a while I was very down, even to a point of depression.  This period of time was short and now I am in a better place.  I remain optimistic the next couple of weeks will bring some relief in the pain that has dominated my life for months now.

UPDATE – (as of this morning)

I wrote and completed this post earlier this week and as of yesterday it was ready to be published.  I mentioned in yesterday’s post that my life is fluid and changes daily and even sometimes many times a day.

Here is a rundown of unexpected events that occurred in the past couple of days.  Tuesday night I was in so much pain, nothing was helping and I was at my lowest point and just wanted to die, even if it meant doing it myself.  No need to worry my friends, I learned years ago suicide is not an option – therefore this will never occur.

Wednesday morning, Gary calls and speaks with a nurse at Moffitt Cancer Center to discuss my pain becoming worse and what I am experiencing; he asks that my Oncologist Dr. L. be informed.  Wednesday evening, we receive a call from Dr. L. and I discuss with him my current concerns with my health and that I am at the point I just cannot continue living with this much pain.  He was informed of the increase in pain medication and of other issues my body is currently experiencing.

He is concerned about what he hears and immediately places requests for blood work, CAT Scan and appointment to see him for the next day and that I should receive a call the following day after 8:00 AM.  I responded with a sincere thank you for his call and listening to my concerns and for his prompt response to have tests and see him the next day.

Thursday morning, 7:55 AM, I receive a call from Moffitt Cancer Center for the times of my appointments for that day.  Midday we arrive and promptly the blood work and CAT Scan are completed.  (this is after I had to drink my oral contrast liquid – yummy)

Then we meet with Dr. L. to discuss some of my history and the current pain I am experiencing.  I let him know the pain has increased and my daily quality of life is poor.  A physical exam is performed and then we receive the results of the CAT Scan.

The CAT Scan results indicate the current chemotherapy is NOT working – some Lymph Nodes previously identified as having cancer are now larger.

My life is currently fluid.


55 thoughts on “Fluid

  1. I read this and at first so glad that Gary called to get you right in. You were suffering and they needed to know. To get those results must have been so difficult. I truly hope they have or are trying something different for the pain. Thinking of you today.

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    • Monday I have the first of two Facet Injections into my spine to help reduce the pain. I am hoping to find some relief from that. The future treatment plan for my cancer is unknown at this time. Happy Friday! 🙂


      • Oh I was so hoping they had a plan for the pain. I don’t want you to be in that much pain. I’m sure monday seems far away but I hope it goes by quickly and comes sooner than expected so you can get that injection.

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    • Dr. L. is taking it very seriously though we are waiting on discussing the next treatment plan. I have a Facet Injection next Monday and then I have an upcoming consultation with a Radiation Oncologist. I may go through radiation first before the next treatment. Thanks for the spoons – Happy Friday Peggy! 🙂

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  2. Of course I am desperately sad to read this. But I am also so happy. That you are in a place and under the care of a team who react with such speed and thoroughness. I match Leggy Peggy with my hope that this morning’s results will lead to Dr L prescribing different action and pain relief to speedily enhance your quality of life. I send you hugs. I send you all my usual sweet nothings … sunshine, moonbeams, star shine and rainbows through the aether to try and sooth and brighten your day.

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    • Thank you Osyth as I always appreciate your support. I hope to find some relief Monday after I receive the first of two Facet Injections in my spine. The next treatment for my cancer will be discussed in a couple of weeks. Happy Friday! 🙂

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  3. Oh, I am so sorry that the pain has been so bad. I agree with all the other comments that it is good that your doctors are working rapidly to try and ease your pain. I really hope that the facet injections give relief. Much love K x

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  4. Oh my dear friend. ❤ I'm praying for you and hope this will be something that is temporary and solvable. Or that you are granted some form of relief. Pain is no joke. You do as you can, and know you have people who love you, two of them in the photo you shared. Well..Roxie isn't a "people" but I bet she thinks she is! (I hope I got the name right..I'm a bit fuzzy headed these days). Take care!

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    • Thank you Embeecee, I appreciate your support, hopefully pain relief is in the near future. And yes you did get her name correct, except she likes to be referred to as Miss Roxy, shy has a little attitude. 🙂


    • Thank you Laurel, Monday is the day for my first injection into my spine that hopefully will relieve some pain. Right now, we are unsure what the next coarse of action is for treating the cancer – more to come on that. Thanks for the hugs – Happy Friday! 🙂


  5. Oh Terry, I am so sorry about the news. I hope that the next plan of action helps, and that next week the injections work to help with all your pain. I am sad that you are going through all this and wish things were different for you. Hugs my friend, and thinking of you always. x

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    • Thank you Lynne for your supportive words, I too hope the injections next week will help out. The next step in my battle against cancer has not been discussed, we will wait until my appointment with the radiation oncologist at the end of the month. Thanks as always for your thoughts and hugs. 🙂

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    • The injection on Monday I hope will help with the pain. At the end of the month, I will meet with the Radiation Oncologist to discuss whether radiation is a good option or not. Thank you Kathryn, I am always glad to see you each day. 🙂

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  6. Well, f**k. Excuse the language but that’s cancers a real bitch. Here’s hoping the first injection goes well on Monday & you get some serious and effective pain relief. With that under control, hopefully it clears the way for a new plan of attack on the cancer. Sending hugs & positive thoughts your way, Terry.

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    • Yes, this cancer just keeps fighting back. I too hope the Monday’s injection helps, as I need some relief soon. Thank you Kim for your support and for stopping by to read and comment. Have a great weekend. 🙂

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    • Thank you Brigid, I am fortunate to have a great healthcare team. The news is not what I wanted to hear, but we will deal with it with the options available. Thanks for the hugs, they are always appreciated here. Happy Day! 🙂

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