June 1973 – Feelin Stronger Every Day by Chicago

June 1973 – a song popular in this month – Feelin Stronger Every Day by Chicago

“Feelin’ Stronger Every Day” was written by Peter Cetera (vocalist, bassist) and James Pankow (trombones, percussion) of Chicago.

Interesting facts about Feelin Stronger Every Day & Chicago

It was released as a single from their two-time multi-platinum album Chicago VI.

This was their second #1 album on the US album charts, their third two-time platinum album, and they would yet have two more consecutive #1’s on the US album charts

Their original name was “Chicago Transit Authority,” and their first album had the same name. The group was forced to shorten it to “Chicago” after the city of Chicago said: you can’t use that name, period!

Chicago was a spin-off of the group The Buckinghams. The Buckingham’s “Foreign Policy” sounds exactly like Chicago, with a political agenda that dominated their early albums.

Chicago focused on protest and political songs but they discovered the money was in Rock ‘n’ Roll love songs so they dropped the political agenda and concentrated on commercial pop-rock after the third album

This information was provided by Songfacts.com

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