Larger Lymph Nodes

In last Friday’s post ‘Fluid‘, I concluded with the following –

The CAT Scan results indicate the current chemotherapy is NOT working – some Lymph Nodes previously identified as having cancer are now larger.

My life is currently fluid.

In today’s post, I begin with the following –

Monday, I had my first of two Facet Injections into my spine in hopes of relieving my pain.


Image Provided by: Pacific Pain Medicine Consultants

I am going to give it a few days, and then I will let you know how I feel about the results of this procedure.

As mentioned in last Friday’s post, it was determined my current chemotherapy treatment is NOT working.  A CAT Scan indicated Lymph Nodes with cancer are larger now compared to the last scan.  There is no indication at this point of any cancer in my major organs; this is good news.

What are the next steps?

My Oncologist Dr. L. is out of town for a while and this is one reason for having the CAT Scan and visit last week.

My next appointment is not for a couple of weeks at which time we will determine the next steps in my cancer treatment.  We agreed to wait a couple of weeks because the first Facet Injection will have taken place as well as my consultation with a Radiation Oncologist.


Image Provided by:

The appointment with the Radiation Oncologist will determine if radiation will be an available option for my widespread Lymph Node cancer.

Not only are there larger Lymph Nodes; the CAT Scan also indicated there are additional Lymph Nodes that are invaded with cancer as well.

So, what comes next; what do we do?

Oncologist Dr. L. has indicated to me there are other options available to me in the fight again my cancer.

As the weeks’ progress; procedures and appointments will take place that will help determine what these options are.

Months of pain have increased in my body and my emotions have increased in a negative way.  20170416_194313 (2)The past several weeks posts reflected my attitude; and now I have the news that chemotherapy is not working.   Each day I wake and try again.  I try to be strong – I try to be positive – I try to be optimistic.  Some days are better than others, but I keep trying.

I know there are other options.

In the weeks to come, these other options will reveal themselves.

In the meantime, each day I keep trying.

56 thoughts on “Larger Lymph Nodes

  1. Thank you for sharing Terry. My cancer also moved into lymph system and lymph node. The radiation treatments were the max they thought I could tolerate but did not make me sick. Just tired. It seems to have stopped the cancer. They did remove twenty nodes to get them out of my body. Every situation is different. Hope this helps in some way.

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    • Thank you Paula for letting me know of your experience, it does provide some hope for me that I will get better. As you indicate every situation is different, so we shall see what the future holds for me. Thanks, I truly appreciate your comment. 🙂

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      • Hey Terry, have hope, it has been a scary journey for me at times. Have a good weekend. Being on the base you should have some fun military things to attend. My Dad’s name is engraved on the WWII Memorial here in Colorado and I am in the choir singing. If your ears hurt Monday its just me trying to hit some high notes 🙂

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  2. I’m all things crossed that the injections bring some relief. And of course I am all things crossed that another treatment to replace the failing Chemo will be found and will work. Trying is tiring. Some days will be easier than others – some days trying will seem a doddle and other days trying will seem pointless. Go with it. It’s the only way. I send you all the strength I have, which, as WonderWoman is an awful lot 😊

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    • Thank you Osyth for sending me strength, because I am needing it right now. I am worn out with the pain and the not knowing what is next. Your support and encouragement are always welcomed and appreciated. I hope you are doing well my good friend. 🙂

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  3. Oh Terry, no wonder your emotions are up and down, I totally understand. I truly hope that the Facet Injections do give you relief. The waiting for further options must be so frustrating. Big hugs my friend. x

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