Looking for Pain Relief

My post ‘appointments and procedures‘, I wrote the following –

The Neurologist suggested I be referred to Radiation Oncology for radiation treatments to help boost the chemotherapy and reduce the tumor that is pressing against the genitofemoral nerve. The referral is in place for the consultation at the end of this month.  My hope is the radiation treatments can be worked in the schedule along with my chemotherapy treatments.  I am unsure at this time how this will be handled.

Prior to my Radiation Oncology appointment, I will have my first of two appointments for my Facet Injections.  You may remember I was also referred to Pain Management and it was suggested by them to have 2 appointments for the Facet Injections.

In today’ post, I write the following –

This past Wednesday’s post ‘Larger Lymph Nodes‘, I mentioned I was giving it a few days, and then I would let you know how I feel about the results of the first of two Facet Injections I am to receive.

The results are I feel little difference in the level of pain I am experiencing in my lower back.  Immediately after the procedure I felt some relieve; that was most likely a result of the local anesthesia.  Back home and hours later the pain was worse; I reached a 10+ pain level and my emotions took over and with the tears flowing, once again I asked God to let me die now.

I finally found one comfortable position on the recliner and received some sleep and some brief pain relief.


Crazy Things My Brain Says – blogger

Tuesday morning, I wake with my usual pain level of 5. The pain level from the previous evening is subsided and the new day brings another normal day of pain.  The normal day of pain is because of the many medications I take to control it.  As the day progressed so did the pain level.

This past Monday before the Facet Injection procedure took place I spoke with Dr. P.  We discussed the changes that had taken place with regards to my body since my initial consultation with him.  Dr. P. knows I have additional Lymph Nodes with cancer and the other Lymph Nodes that have cancer are larger.  He is also informed by me that my pain has increased as well.

Besides my lower back pain, I also experience pain in my right groin area that has increased as the weeks have passed.  Also, my nerve pains that radiates down my legs and up my back have increased as well.  Along with this increased pain is an increase in pain medications.

20170416_194313 (2)This past Monday, prior to the procedure Dr. P. suggested for my 2nd appointment he would perform a Superior Hypogastric Nerve Block.  The reason for this procedure is due to the increase pain in my groin area.  This procedure is also more precise in blocking nerve pain in the pelvic region.

So, Wednesday and Thursday came and went and how was my pain level?  The same as usual – a level 5 increasing in the evening to a higher level.

I am still looking for pain relief.

32 thoughts on “Looking for Pain Relief

  1. Oh no! This is not good news at all. I so wanted the Facet Injections to work ! I am so sorry my friend that you are having to deal with this ongoing pain. I really hope that this Superior Hypogastric Nerve Block helps when you have it done. OMW you just want some pain relief !!! Hoping that a miracle takes place and the pain subsides. Thinking of you. Hugs. x

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  2. Oh Terry; I’m so sorry to hear this. I so wish your pain could be parceled up and shared out so we could each take a little bit from you. I hope the next procedure brings relief. Sending extra-strong hugs.

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  3. Sorry to hear everything you are going through! I’m an anaesthetic nurse and do lots of these pain procedures, it can take up to two weeks for the steroids they inject to work. So I hope it settles more for you.

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