Another Early Rise

Another early rise, another day to live

The pain never left from the night before and continues to dominate

But, I again bring in another early rise, another day to live


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Will today be any different from yesterday or one of a repeat

Months of pains that have increased to a point of hatred

Nevertheless, I again bring in another early rise, another day to live


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There are the pills that have increased over the past weeks and months

There are patches, and creams and tolerance and adjustments

Yet, I again bring in another early rise, another day to live


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As the weeks have turned into months, the weak has turned into strength and acceptance

The upcoming weeks and months, I hope for change and less tears

So, I again bring in another early rise, another day to live


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What is it that wakes me, gets me up, moves me, takes me to a new day

Despair, Hope, Struggle, Journey, Brightness, Future, Unknown, Overcome, Strength, Desire

Once more, I again bring in another early rise, another day to live


47 thoughts on “Another Early Rise

  1. I hope you feel a little better today. I have to confess I have the song, Killing Me Softly, still running through my head since you blogged it. I think I should see a doctor, what kind of specialist deals with song worms? Doctor Hook? Do you have a favorite Dr. Hook?

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    • I am about the same today David, and hoping for relief in the near future. Those song worms, trust me I understanding – there are a few songs that affect me the same way. No favorite Dr. Hook, they are all good. Have a happy day. πŸ™‚


  2. I know this is your blog, and I know this is not meant to make me sad, as you are telling it, as it is, but this is me, and it does make me sad. It makes me sad knowing what you are going through. This is not fair, and I feel so useless! There is nothing I can do to even ease your pain. Your continued strength is pulling you through, your determination to keep going. Your pain must ease and soon. Hugs my friend. x

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    • On Lynne, please do not be sad. I can understand where you are coming from for I am living a life at this moment that I am having difficulty dealing with. But I truly believe things will change in the future and I know this current life is not forever. I always appreciate your support and hugs. And you stopping by each day, helps me more than you know. πŸ™‚

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  3. Another day to live…. another day to inspire use with your love and strength…….another day to find little moments to cherish….. another day to fight…… another day to hope……. another day to LOVE……….. I think back to the beginning of your blog with smiles. I remember you revealing yourself one body part at a time – hesitantly – skeptically – nervously – and now – you have opened up your entire self – and so many of us love you. Another day, Terry – for all of us to LOVE YOU! xo

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    • Jodi, you make it easy for me to open up and write about the good and bad that is taking place at this moment in my life. When I started this blog over 2 years ago, it was not supposed to be about my health struggles, but instead my travel adventures. I have you and other wonderful friends who provide me support, encouragement and yes ‘Love’, that it is easy for me to open up my entire self. As always, you bring a smile to my face and a lighter heart to carry today. Thank you Jodi for being here with me on this journey. πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you Kathryn for taking the time to read and comment today. And do not worry about missing some posts, I am excited about your new business and wish you much success. I appreciate your thoughts and hope you are having a great week. πŸ™‚

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