From last Friday’s post ‘Looking for Pain Relief‘, here are some excerpts –

This past Monday before the Facet Injection procedure took place I spoke with Dr. P.  We discussed the changes that had taken place with regards to my body since my initial consultation with him.  Dr. P. knows I now have additional Lymph Nodes with cancer and other Lymph Nodes where the cancer has grown larger.  He is also informed by me that my pain has increased as well.

Besides my lower back pain, I also experience pain in my right groin area that has increased as the weeks have passed.  Also, my nerve pains that radiates down my legs and up my back have increased as well.  Along with this increased pain is an increase in pain medications.


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So, Wednesday and Thursday came and went and how was my pain level?  The same as usual – a level 5 increasing in the evening to a higher level.

I am still looking for pain relief.

In today’s post, I write the following –

Last weekend my pain level was 10+ and Gary considered taking me to the emergency room.  Instead he spoke with a doctor at the Moffitt Cancer Center about what I was experiencing and the possibility of admitting me into the hospital.  The doctor felt admittance would not serve a positive purpose because of upcoming appointments in the next couple of weeks I have at Moffitt Cancer Center.  He suggested I increase my pain medication (again).  The pain medication was increased and I am managing the pain the best I can.

You may remember several weeks ago, I had an appointment with a Neurologist Dr. T. at the Moffitt Cancer Center.  Dr. T. felt my Lymph Nodes located in my lumbar region that have cancer are pressing against my genitofemoral nerve, so possibly this nerve could be the cause of some of the pain I am experiencing.  Dr. T.s impression and plan also included his feeling concerning my recent lengthy surgery in January.  He feels this also could be a cause of some pain due to pressure that was placed on my lateral femoral cutaneous nerve during the 10 ½ hour surgery.


Image Provided by: moffitt.org

He felt radiation treatments would help reduce these tumors in my lumbar region and therefore relieve some pain.  Dr. T. referred me to a Radiation Oncologist.

This past Tuesday, I had an appointment with a Radiation Oncologist Dr. M.

The appointment started with the usual blood pressure, temperature checks and any recent updates to health, medications, etc.

I then met with a nurse, and then a physician assistance where my pain history was gathered and a physical exam took place to determine the extent of my current abilities.

The pain in my right groin area has increased.  This first started with just an occasional pain and now is constant.  This groin pain as well as my other pains is affecting my walking, sitting and standing and I have extreme difficulty sleeping at night.  I currently am experiencing many different pains daily and they are all becoming worse.

20170416_194313 (2)

My current cancer, pain and health condition were discussed with the Radiation Oncologist Dr. M.

I will update you on Monday with the results of this appointment.

Thank you everyone who sends prayers, thoughts and hugs every day – they are appreciated.

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  1. I was away the weekend so yet again I am late on parade. But you know you are always in my thoughts. Always. And that I am sending you all my strongest thoughts and wishes to take that pain away.

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  2. Hi Spearfruit, thoughts & hugs are with you. I don’t have cancer of the groin, but do suffer from ongoing chronic neuropathic neck pain. But wishing you a steady recovery, despite what your currently suffering from. So similar to Osyth, strong thoughts & wishes to you.

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