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Last Friday’s post ‘10+‘, I wrote the following –


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The pain in my right groin area has increased. This first started with just an occasional pain and now is constant.  This groin pain as well as my other pains is affecting my walking, sitting and standing and I have extreme difficulty sleeping at night.  I currently am experiencing many different pains daily and they are all becoming worse.

My current cancer, pain and health condition were discussed with the Radiation Oncologist Dr. M.

This past Monday’s post ‘simulation then radiation‘, I wrote the following –

You may remember from my post ‘Looking for Pain Relief‘, I mentioned my 2nd appointment with Pain Management, I will receive a Superior Hypogastric Nerve Block.


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The reason for this procedure is due to the increase pain in my groin area.  This procedure is also more precise in blocking nerve pain in the pelvic region.  This procedure will be a ‘simulation’; meaning temporary, and if it seems to work, then another procedure will take place for long acting pain relief.

This first ‘simulation’ procedure is scheduled for this Friday.

My hope is between this procedure and the radiation treatment, I can finally find some relief to this incredible pain I have experienced for months now.

In today’s post, I write the following –

It is Friday and today is the day I am looking for pain relief – today is the day I receive my Superior Hypogastric Nerve Block procedure.  I certainly will update you next week with how I feel and the results of this procedure.


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Next Monday I start my radiation treatments; another potential for pain relief.  I have no expectations concerning the radiation, except I want something good to come from it.

This past Tuesday, I had an appointment with my Oncologist Dr. L. and we discussed my future treatment once the radiation is completed.  It was decided I would begin immunotherapy with a drug called ‘Tecentriq’.  This drug has recently been approved by FDA and can provide people hope of living longer.  Though this immunotherapy treatment only has a success of extending a longer life of 10% to 15%.  This is a higher rate than some chemotherapy drugs.

This treatment uses my own immune system to help in slowing the tumor growth.  I will receive a treatment once every three weeks for four cycles upon which a scan will take place to determine if the immunotherapy is working or not.  Upon the results of the scan will determine what will take place next.  Either the immunotherapy will be working or not – time will tell.

There are always side effects to any drug, and Tecentriq is no exception.  20170416_194313 (2)Since this affecting my immune system, my normal healthy tissues and organs can be attacked as well.  I also can experience the usual side effects of nausea, loss of appetite, constipation and tiredness.

As mentioned in previous posts, I will again remind everyone.  There is no cure to my cancer and the treatments I am receiving are to extend my life for as long as possible.

67 thoughts on “for as long as possible

  1. Terry Dear,
    My hope for you is that the procedure will be a miracle and you finding lasting relief. As you have bravely fought the urge to self-destruct tells be that you have the strength to go on. There is no cure or any med that will completely stop nerve pain but there is always hope and new things for docs to try. Is your radiation going to be internal or external? I missed that in your posts somewhere if you wrote it down. The burns from radiation are painful too and there are lotions that and apothecary can mix up with 1-5 % lidocaine with a script if you need it. You are right to be optimistic although I sense you are still afraid behind the smile.
    I wish you well and wait to hear how you are next week.
    God Bless You and may your angel always be at your side.

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  2. I so much hope that the nerve block procedure will be effective, Terry! And I’m so sorry to hear from the pain that you’re still suffering from – I had high hopes that the injections might have helped you. The immunotherapy sounds promising and I hope that you won’t have to endure any side effects from it is the radiation treatment! 😘

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