Divorce, Scandals and a little Pop Culture

Today is the 25th month of my blog!  My anniversary post is something different than the usual posts I write.

So why 25 months and not 2 years and 1 month?  25 seem simple and simple is well, simple.

I am 57 right now, today.  If I take away 25 years, that would make me 32 years old.  That would-be year 1992.

If memory serves me correctly, that would be the year my divorce was final.


Legal Beagle

The day I received the final divorce papers in the mail; I remember very clearly.  I remember where I was living, where I was working and the feelings I had; I remember very clearly.

Well, my divorce was boring, no different than most and no scandal surrounding it, though some might disagree.

But in 1992, there certainly were some scandals taking place.  Per Pop Culture website –

Woody Allen (age 56) left his long-term partner Mia Farrow after she discovered his secret affair with her adopted daughter, Soon-Yi Previn (age 21).


Image Provided by: Amazon.com

Long Island Lolita Amy Fisher shot the wife of her lover, Joey Buttafuocco (pronounced Butt-a-foo-co), Mary Jo Buttafuocco in the face. Mary Jo survived and later divorced her husband.


Image Provided by: NY Daily News

A youth group descended into the French Bruniquel Cave with steel brushes to remove graffiti and ended up partially removing 15,000 year old bison cave paintings.


Image Provided by: Pinterest

President George H.W. Bush vomited on Japanese Prime Minister Kiichi Miyazawa during a state dinner.


Image Provided by: http://www.slate.com

Okay, enough scandals, what about pop culture news in 1992?

A shipping container filled with 28,000 rubber duckies was lost at sea. To this day, they’re still being found around the world.


Image Provided by: VividLife.me

Hurricane Andrew hit Florida destroying a facility housing Burmese pythons, releasing them into the wild, there are now thousands of the non-native snakes.


Image Provided by: Daily Mail

The 27th amendment, which forbid the United States Congress from raising their own pay during their term, was proposed by James Madison in 1789 and wasn’t ratified until 1992.


Image Provided by: US Constitution – Home

Some of these facts will make for great trivial question, right?

Today is the 25th month of my blog!  My anniversary post is something different than the usual posts I write.

39 thoughts on “Divorce, Scandals and a little Pop Culture

  1. Happy 25 month anniversary my friend ! Only you could do such a great post, filled with so much different and interesting news. You really are a star putting this all together. Hope you are well today and have a wonderful day. 🙂 x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Belated Happy Blogiversary, Terry! 🙂 And thank you for sharing all these interesting facts with us, I was only aware of the Woody Allen thing before and now I´m filled with funny facts about 1992 to share with friends 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. At first I thought that your divorce wasn’t really that boring, almost spicy compared to some and then I saw the other scandals. Wow! I had forgotten most of them but who could forget the puking incident! 😘

    Liked by 1 person

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