Time Marches On

There is a country song by Tracy Lawrence with the title ‘Time Marches On’.

The song is about a family that through the years they grow into different people and everything changes.

Everything changes, nothing is constant and time marches on.


Image Provided by: paulbarford-heritage-the-ruth.blogspot.com

Here are some lyrics from the song ‘Time Marches On’ –

The south moves north, the north moves south

A star is born, a star burns out

The only thing that stays the same is

Everything changes, everything changes

It is interesting to think about everything changes, nothing is constant and time marches on.

With my health, Gary takes care of me because everything changes, nothing is constant and time marches on.

Gary is retired from the military after 22 years of service and uses the VA (Veterans Administration) system of all his health care.  His home VA hospital for many years was in Dallas, Texas.  When we moved last year to temporally live in Pensacola, Gary was not ready to change his location.  Now that we moved my healthcare to Tampa, Florida, Gary has now changed his VA hospital to this location as well.

Gary recently has been having some health issues of his own because everything changes, nothing is constant and time marches on.

Recently Gary had an appointment with his Primary Care Manager Doctor at the VA hospital.

From that visit, referrals were placed for him to see specialists for conditions he suffers from.  He rarely complains about the way he feels; unlike me.  He may not have health issues as significant as me, but they are just as important.  He needs to take care of himself while also helping me.  I need to take care of myself while also helping him.

Because we both have changes in our body, health and lives, we recently had a conversation about us changing over the years.

Our lives are much different than what we thought they would be.  Our bodies are much different than what we expected them to be.  Everything changes, nothing is constant and time marches on.

(NOTE: I am expected to be released from the hospital today.  Look for upcoming posts about the events of the past 11 days.)

33 thoughts on “Time Marches On

  1. Time does marches on. Sometimes forward. Other times backwards. And it seems at times in circles. Yes it sucks at times when we feel restless, scared, lonely or afraid to be alone. We may end up hurting the people we love the most. Terry you are awesome in sharing your daily activities. Keep getting better and stronger and inspiring the rest of us to share and not be afraid❤

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  2. Yip…good old life hey! Time certainly does march on, nothing is constant, and there are always changes. Sadly a lot is beyond one’s control. After I read your post, I sat back and thought …how life does change (the good, the bad and the ugly) Things can change in a heartbeat, and that then throws a whole new scenario on things. I hope you are feeling loads better and that Gary’s health is being well taken care of. Roxy must be missing you so much. Hugs 🙂 x

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  3. Everything changes, nothing stays the same … my daughters must have been SO bored with me telling them this when they were growing up. We never know what is ahead, we can prepare for somethings but other things take us stone by surprise. I am very glad you are expecting to be home tomorrow and I sincerely hope that Gary is getting the good care he, too, deserves. Most of all it’s all about care. For yourself, for one another and from others when the need arises. This is a post full of simple wisdom and the song is a brilliant choice.

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  4. Beautiful song, Terry. Yes, everything changes, sometimes for the better sometimes for the worse, but change itself is always a constant we can rely on – in a way😉 Hope Gary is taken care of as good as you are and that you can get home soon! Look forward to your news about the last 11 days! Many hugs! 😄

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  5. Oh Terry! So much changing and going on – and time does march on! Cherish each moment that you are well enough and pain free enough to enjoy! I hope that hospital stay is helping. I can’t wait to hear about. Take good care of you and Gary! My love to both of you!

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  6. I am sorry to read that Gary has been having problems too and hope he is able to receive appropriate care and things improve for both of you. Glad to also read you are about to be discharged 😊👌🏻🙌🏻

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  7. There is a sadness and comfort to growing older together. Gary is such a great guy that I hope he gets all his medical issues sorted out. Teddy and I try to outdo each other with ailments but last week he won the challenge. He had some hand surgery and he had an unusual type of Dupuytren’s Contracture. The doctor was very excited to see something unique that has a genetic base. It is sometimes called Viking Finger. I made a few vulgar comments about that. 🖐

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  8. Time does march on! So glad you are going home. Does the VA hospital have a Fisher House? Do you know about Fisher Houses? Fascinating story of Samuel Fisher from WWII days to rescuing the Intrepid, to Fisher Houses.

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