turning point

I spent the last 7 days in the hospital with doctors trying to figure out the sources of my many different pains.  Back on June 15, I had an appointment with my Radiation Oncologist Dr. M.  Once again as with my all my appointments, I express the severe pain I am feeling and the receiving of very little relief from the current pain medications I am on.  Many days I am living with a 10+ pain level.


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Let’s go back several weeks before this appointment and I am expressing my pain frustrations with my Oncologist Dr. L.  It was just 2 weeks before this time, I was walking on the outdoors track for 1 – 2 miles per day.  Now I am having to use a cane and other activities are being affected as well such as showering and dressing myself.  I also now had to give up driving; something I really enjoyed, but now with pain medications and the pain in my right hip-groin that make its way down to my knee: driving is not in my best interest.

So, in the previous weeks that came and went; more scans were taken, blood work drawn for testing, and then there were Main Management Procedures to block nerves and one more very important appointment.  After several months of Gary complaining there must be something the doctors are not seeing, and with pain level as high as it is, I should be admitted to the hospital to find out the source and to treat it.  At this point in time I currently have no quality of life and my days are filled with pain and tears.


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At this point in time, it all becomes blurring and my brain is not functioning well; mainly because of pain medications and my walking with my right leg is all but gone.

At this point in time, there finally comes a suggestion from Dr. M., to place a referral in to the ‘Supportive Care Medicine’ group.  From Moffitt Cancer Center website –

Patients may be referred to the Moffitt Supportive Care Medicine Program for consultation at any stage of cancer, including at time of diagnosis. The program works collaboratively with other health care practitioners to provide the extra layer of support that patients often need while undergoing anti-cancer treatments. While others are working to treat the disease, Supportive Care Medicine focuses its efforts on relieving the physical and emotional distress caused by the disease and assisting with planning ahead.

Upon having my initial appointment with the Supportive Care Medicine, the main doctor, Dr. C., immediately wanted to place me in the hospital due to the extreme pain level and the lack of quality of life.


Image Provided by: moffitt.org

So, after waiting several hours just to be admitted that were becoming unbearable for me, finally a bed became available and the start of my 7 days would begin.

This is a turning point that Gary and I were looking for that would change the course of my treatment.

More to come my friends in future posts to explain so much more.

48 thoughts on “turning point

  1. I’m hoping that this retrospective marks the start of a journey towards relief of the ghastly pain you have been suffering that has wiped out your quality of life. I’m hoping that the wonderful care givers that you have been in the care of have found some answers. I am hoping for relief for you. 🤗

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  2. I am sorry for all your pain. I can sympathise re your leg – I have had problems since Christmas with the Dr just “add another Morphine Patch, take some more painkillers”, in the meantime I was finding it difficult to walk and extreme pain in right leg, Dr gives me than liquid Morphine as well. After a bad accident in February and still being ignored, it took until over a month ago to be sent to a Specialist who has got things moving. In the meantime I can’t walk for long, have to go upstairs on all fours, life is nothing but pain, so I wish you well.

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  3. Thank goodness you’re getting treated at such a comphrenhensive facility such as Moffitt with all of your ongoing complications! And now thank goodness for this Supportive Care Medicine Program. It sounds like it’s just what you’ve been needing! 🙂

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  4. Terry, it seems that my id isn’t working! None of my likes or comments that I have left on sites for the last week or more has “gone through!” I’m writing this comment in the universal reader hoping it comes through.
    Thank goodness that you’re receiving your treatment at such an esteemed and comprehensive cancer centre like Moffitt with all of these complications that you’ve had and thank goodness now for this Supportive Care Medicine Program! Wow. 🙂

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  5. I am so glad that you have been receiving better pain management and care. It makes me so sad that many cancer patients have no access to hospice care. Your blog is raising awareness so thank you for sharing.

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  6. Hey there old buddy!
    So I was surfing around this morning and decided to pop back into the world and lives of my old blogging crew and what do you know, well they are nearly all still here and putting out thoughts and ideas on life, the universe and music 🙂
    So I then thought, you know what? I must head on over to my old pal Terry the Spearfruit and well, what do you know! Here I am and there you are!!
    I must confess I have missed being involved with everyones lives but unfortunately priorities had to be made. It turns out it was business or blogging and there was only going to be one casualty as blogging doesn’t pay my bills 😉
    Still I am considering remedying this with an occasional piece, after all I still have the site so I may as well use it…. plus I have to write about my walk which was almost a year ago to the day that I started….!
    Anyway, enough of me. I am so sorry to hear of your situation Terry, your pain does sound extremely severe and for that you have my deepest sympathies and I shall keep you in my thoughts and hope a better solution is found to offer you the respite you deserve.
    Until such times old chap, keep your pecker up and keep on posting.


    P.S, if you want to chat, just do it man!!

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    • Very nice surprise to hear from you Cameron. I understand about making a decision as to what receives more priority. And as much as blogging is fun and a great source, it does not always pay the bills. I will keep blogging for as long as I can, I hope to see you around more often. Take care, Terry 🙂


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