My Feet – A Fresh Perspective


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I am in year 3 of my blog.

In the early days of this blog, there are posts that received little exposer.

I have a new category ‘Reruns – A Fresh Perspective ’.  This category reposts these earlier posts that received little exposer and a fresh perspective on how I feel about them today.

This post was originally posted on May 16, 2015 –

When I was a small child, I would spend time at my neighbor’s house.  The father of that family would always go barefoot and for whatever reason, I remember what his feet looked like.  He had corns, calluses and cracked heels.  As a child, maybe I thought it was a disease or a lack of hygiene or thought it was normal, not exactly sure what I thought, I just remember how ugly they were.  Fast forward about 50 years and I have my neighbor’s feet!

I have the same corns, calluses and cracked heels – just like my neighbor!  But its ok, my feet reflect the life I have lived, the many years of walking with shoes on but mainly walking without shoes.  I like walking barefoot and walk without shoes any chance I get.  My feet reflect who I am as does my face (that’s another blog post).  My feet reflect my running days; years of running and the many years of walking.  It would be interesting to know how many steps my feet have taken in all my years.

My smartphone has a pedometer that tracks the steps I take throughout the day.  The days I go to the gym and use the elliptical and treadmill, I certainly go beyond 10,000 steps, which my pedometer indicates as very good.  I don’t carry my smartphone on my body at all times, so some days my pedometer indicates I have not taken many steps.  When parking at public places, I am the person who parks the furthest away from the entrance, I always take the stairs and I make sure I walk a lot every day.

So, what’s the point of this post?  I think our feet reflect who we are, certainly where we have been and what we have been doing.  My feet let me dance, my feet let me swim, my feet let me see and reach higher.  My feet have brought me from childhood to adulthood and will continue to carry me to my senior years.

I appreciate my feet even with the corns, calluses and cracked heels.


A Fresh Perspective –

Much has changed since I wrote that post back in 2015 except, I continue to appreciate my feet.  What has changed?  It was only 6 weeks ago I was walking 1-2 miles per day with some discomfort.  I mentioned in several posts about my increased pain and how it was affecting my walking.  Rapidly the pain increased in my right grown and the walking became worse forcing me to use a cane and now I am using a walker.  Then came reduced physical inactivity and most recently a 7-day hospital stay where I remained bedridden for most of that time.  This combination has caused severe edema in my feet and ankles.

My feet continue to function and do their job even though they are swollen and tired – I continue to appreciate my feet.

40 thoughts on “My Feet – A Fresh Perspective

  1. Yes, our feet work extremely hard for little care and appreciation! I was bedridden for 5 years and the pain my feet were in from the constant rubbing of heels on sheets was phenomenal, you would think they would be glad of the rest but they actually couldn’t wait to feel the ground again. Walking barefoot on grass and sand is a wonderful feeling, but the best feeling was standing on frozen snow in my back garden one moonlit night as I waited for my cat to come in for the night. At first the cold soooo painful, but gradually the cold became a warm glow and then radiant heat. I stood there for ages enjoying the sensation of being in my pyjamas, bathed in moonlight, my bare feet glowing deep pink as the heat slowly melted the frozen snow and I could feel the soft, wet grass underneath. 😊

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  2. Oh no Terry, I am so sorry to hear about your edema. Apart from the swelling being uncomfortable, is it not sore as well? I hope soon, that the swelling goes down. Yes, our feet are amazing and yours are still doing their job, even with the walker. Hugs my friend. 🙂 x

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  3. Ya know, as a diabetic, I worry about my feet in the long term, so I can relate to this a little.
    I’ve decided however, I need to get filthy rich, so I can hire someone to haul me around in a wheelbarrel, if I ever lose the use of my feet. Actually, if I get filthy rich, I might do that while my feet are still good.

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  4. Terry, as a reader who has never commented before, I have been so inspired by you’re blog and so sorry to hear about your recent problems with extreme pain. Something about today’s post (and thinking about the state of my own feet after 25 years of running) made me want to break my silence and let you know that yet another person is thinking of you and cheering you on. I have found your straightforward and direct approach to your illness very inspiring–you obviously have touched a great many people–probably many who you don’t even now about.

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    • Thank you Gillian, for breaking your silence and writing a comment for this post. I am honored when others tell me they are touched by my blog and posts. I write from my heart and I hope my story I am writing about – my life, others may be able to benefit from someday. I appreciate your support and for cheering me on, this means a great deal to me. Thanks again for your comment and I hope you have a Happy Friday. 🙂


  5. I remember that post and can’t believe it was two years ago … where does our time go, Terry? I am so sorry that your feet are such an issue. Is there anything that might help them … I have a foot-spa but then I don’t live near the sea … its a thought and probably not at all helpful. Anyway, I am hopeful that your pain is abating (my breath is a-bated waiting for good news) and that maybe when you can move more and the circulation improves then your feet will go back to just being feet instead of swollen trotters (which incidentally is what mine are like in the heat … I look at all the chic Grenoble women in their tiny thong-sandals and sigh … for me it’s a case staying indoors for fear of alarming the city equilibrium!). Take good care of all of you including your feet 👣 😊

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    • Osyth, more activity will help the feet, and so while sitting at times, I do some simple exercise movements. I try to walk more with the assistance of my walker and that seems to help some, a slow process at times, but I am sure the speed will improve with time. I am a work in progress. Thanks dear for your always helpful bits of information and the caring that only you can provided. Have a happy day, I continue to hope life is treating you well. 🙂

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      • My dear Terry. You are far too kind to even wonder how I am! The answer is that I am fortunate and things are going well. I am heartened that you have a walker that is helping a little and I am certain that you will be being pulled over by the cops for speeding before too long 👮!! Have the happiest day you can muster, my friend. You are always in my thoughts 💭 🌈 ☀️ 🌊 😊

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  6. I can relate to this on my main job I work at EuroTranciatura USA a Italian company where we make hermetic motors just over two months ago we went to 12 hours a day when i come home from work I have to use a cane to move about I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2012 I figure I better have a back up plan so I started blogging in 2014. so far its a slow go but I enjoy doing it

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  7. Isn’t it funny how life comes back to show us what we thought way back then was more or less normal, depending on the life you have lead…..I remember putting make up on my moms eyes in her 60’s or later perhaps….the lids were like loose skin, hard to add any color….well, I decided I would do myself up for my 60th BD….LOL I quit wearing make-up over 25 years ago…LOL well, low and behold my mothers eye lids were looking back at me….loose skin, nothing would go on without looking like my eyes had to much skin….flash back to the day I was trying to help my mom came screaming to the for front….LOL not as important as our feet, however just the same ah ha moment… and I totally agree that our feet are so important to our physical health….which in return is important for our mental health…keep adding a little boogie to your steps my friend…hope this finds you in a better place pain wise….as always…thinking of you…sending you foggy moon beams from San Diego…..xxkat we had a 3 day break from the heat…heading back in the morning before the craziness of the 4th starts here….

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  8. Love your idea to reblog those earlier blog posts, Terry! And I often think that people don´t appreciate their feet often enough, I know that I don´t! I might not wear high heels like so many of my friends but I should take more care with them anyway. Walking barefoot might not make them more attractive but I´v heard that it´s actually the best thing we can do for them, it´s the perfect massage (well, at least when you´re not living in city where you have to be aware of glass shards and dog poo 😉 ), and there really is no better feeling than walking barefoot on a beach or over a lovely lush lawn. I hope yours will be able to enjoy all this very soon again, Terry!! 🙂 ❤

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