non-existent meditation

Back in August of last year in my post ‘I started meditating‘, I concluded with the following words –

Meditation once again brought me comfort and brought me back to me.

I asked meditation to join me and help me, to improve me, to take me and bring me to a better place.

I asked meditation to teach me, to build me, to journey with me to a better life.

Mediation has accomplished these and will continue to do so as I proceed forward into my journey.

I started meditating.

In today’s post, I begin with the following words –

I have not written or even mentioned anything about meditation for quite some time.  It once was a daily activity in my life and now is a memory of something I once did.  I enjoyed the time spent meditating and felt I received benefits from it that helped me in my daily life.  I missed it; but used the past 6 month’s events to not be associated with it.  There was the chemotherapy, the CAT Scans, the PET Scans, MRI and then the surgery.  There was the overwhelming tiredness, the severe pains, the difficulty in walking and other problems related to my cancer and my health.

But, I did not use meditation during this time, instead allowing that present situation at times during the past months to take control of my moods and attitude.  I missed it.


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The non-existent meditation, I want to bring back into my life and be a part of me again.

I ask meditation to join me again and help me again, to improve me again and to take me and bring me to a better place.

I ask meditation to teach me again, to build me again, to journey with me to a better life.

Meditation has accomplished these in the past and I hope again to do so again as I proceed forward into my journey.

26 thoughts on “non-existent meditation

  1. And now that you have chosen to ask Meditation to come back into your life it will come. It is not easy when you have so many ‘interferences’ going on but I am certain that Meditation will help you if you embrace it and let it work with you. I wish you a peaceful weekend and the space to welcome Meditation in. 🙏

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  2. Terry, I am so excited to hear this. I am sure this will benefit you now, as it once did in the past. I felt this sense of calm when I read this, and really hope this can help your mind through everything you are experiencing. Happy meditation my friend. Hugs 🙂 x

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    • It is a slow process for me Lynne, but I am trying to get some positives back into my life that I can benefit from. As usual, I appreciate you stopping by today, hope you are having a wonderful day. 🙂

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  3. Being with yourself and connecting to the stillness within is so powerful. Combined with diaphragmatic breathing it may relieve some of the pain and calm the mind. I am encouraging you to set aside time to step back from the external and find your inner spirit Terry. 🙏

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  4. I´m sure it will come back to you, Terry! And it´s only too understandable that you didn´t meditate in the last months, even if it could have help you a little. I actually think it would have been quite impossible to do it in the first place with all that pain… Pain is so all-consuming, I don´t think even buddhist monks would meditate when on a pain scale of 10+!

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  5. Sending healing energy your way as im sitting in the hospital w my son fighting leukemia…may there be peace and healing for cancer and through meditation I send you love. Without meditation id be a wreck..have you seen Insight Timer app…its been an amazing tool and lots of wonderful meditation s groups and people all over the world to encourage and be encouraged.

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