Magnifying Glass

I recently finally bought reading glasses.

For a while now, or if I am honest for a very long time now, I have needed reading glasses.  Most of the time when using my computer, I am sitting with my laptop in my lap.  Let’s say my eyes were about 2 feet from the screen.  And let’s say, all words were blurring.  And let’s say, I at times was using a magnifying glass to read the words.

I went to the local Walgreens, bought some reading glasses, came home and voila, I could clearly see the words.  What a difference it makes, I now need to become accustomed to having the glasses on the end of my nose so I see non-reading items clearly when lifting my eyes up – you know, like the TV.

So, I was feeling very excited about my new reading glasses and being able to read words again on my computer and not using the magnifying glass.


Image Provided by: TurboSquid

About the same time, I read post from fellow blogger and friend Steph over at Bold Blind Beauty.

Steph is blind and her blog’s Welcome page begins with the following words –

An extraordinary online community that encourages beautiful blind women to transcend barriers and walk boldly together with confidence; in style, body, and soul.

If you do not know Steph, please visit her blog site, she is a wonderful lady with a message not just for women, but for us men also.

So, I was feeling very excited about my new reading glasses and I read a post from Steph’s blog site titled ‘Learning To Be Present Through The Loss Of Sight’.

I was feeling guilty reading her post, because here I am excited about my new reading glasses and Steph is writing about losing her sight and being declared legally blind and using a white cane and not knowing what was ahead of her.

I felt selfish and ashamed that I was excited about my new reading glasses when there are others who cannot see things I take for granted seeing.  With my body having cancer and me going through a tough time, I am tired and worn down physically and mentally.  So, the new reading glasses got me excited.

Steph’s post ‘Learning To Be Present Through The Loss Of Sight’, concludes with the following –

Life is way too short to waste it focusing on things we have no control over. Live life now and be in the moment.


So, Steph, thank you for your wonderful post and reminding me to live life now and be in the moment.  Sometimes I am not, I am down and beaten and feeling sorrow.  But then I open my computer with my new reading glasses and I am reminded how exciting the small things can be.

Those glasses sitting on the edge of my nose is helping me be in the moment and enjoy the words in front of me – I no longer need the magnifying glass.

36 thoughts on “Magnifying Glass

  1. Well done on getting the glasses. Isn’t it amazing the difference it makes…just try not let those glasses slip to the very end of your nose, you know like at the tip of your nose (lol) My hubby used to have bi-focals (I think) and the only way he could see properly with them was to put his glasses at the end of his nose to see whatever, and then when he needed to see something else, he would raise them to sit normally…used to drive me crazy!!! But you wont have that problem 🙂 Anyway, you look great, I am pleased you posted a pic of you and your glasses. Happy reading, writing and bonding with your glasses. Hope you have a wonderful day my friend 🙂 x

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    • I wear them down my nose about half way, so if I need to look at something further away, I just raise my eyes above the glasses. I am still adjusting to them. My day was good, tiring but good – hope you had a wonderful day Lynne. 🙂

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  2. What a fantastic, uplifting post. I broke down a few years ago, and got reading glasses, but you showed me what’s really important. I’m sorry times are tough health-wise for you. You seem, like a positive person, and a fighter. Take care.

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    • Thank you, I am pleased you enjoyed this post. I remain positive and continue to fight through this difficult time. I appreciate you stopping by today to read and comment. 🙂


  3. Oh, Terry, I love you!! This post made me cry and you have every right to be excited about your reading glasses. Lord knows I was when I got my first pair. I’ve been feeling so guilty about not getting to visit all of my favorite blogs and I picked today to come here and see this. It was no accident! Thank you, my friend, for being an inspiration to me. Your sweet nature and raw honesty are just a couple of your beautiful traits. I am blessed to call you friend. Big HUGS!! Say hi to Gary for me. 💖

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  4. Terry, you’ve been having such a horrendous time lately, it’s so great to hear you feeling excited about your glasses! They’re great–really not goofy at all. I’ve been catching up on the last few days of your blog–really enjoyed your thoughts on meditation which seems like such a positive thing to do. Reading about your pain brings tears to my eyes–nobody should ever have to spend endless time in chronic 10+ pain. I don’t understand why this kind of pain can’t be better controlled. Keeping you in my thoughts and hoping for continued improvement.

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    • Thank you Gillian for your kind words. I appreciate you taking the time to read my posts and for your always supportive comments. I have much taking place in my life at this time and having friends such as yourself is very important to me. Hope your week is going well for you. Happy Day! 🙂


  5. You, of all people, Terry have no need to feel guilty for a small moment of pleasure. Steph is truly inspiring and a great blogger. Despite my lens implant after the cataract removal, I still have to wear readers. Sigh – it sucks to age. 👀

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    • Thank you Kerry, and yes is sucks to wear any type of glasses, But then again as you just wrote it is that age thing, oh well! Have a good Friday and take care of yourself.


  6. You look very smart in your glasses….you reminded me of my kids…my daughters husband finally broke down and got some glasses….like you, he was so excited to be able to see and read clearly again…and I love Stephs blog, I am now following her…..such an inspiration….xxkat.

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