The assault on my body

From my post ‘lymphedema‘, I received the following comment from fellow blogger and friend Osyth from Half Baked In Paradise. –


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Reading your posts I feel I am looking on helplessly watching an unrelenting assault. I cannot imagine what it must be like for Gary and for your close family and friends. And for you …. for you enduring ALL these painful conditions and each time you turn to walk away feeling a little less racked with pain BANG – there’s another thing to start ratcheting it up and remind you. Helpless I am but I have a strong heart and I send you all the strength I have to help you battle on. And soft hugs. As many as you can stand.

My response –

Osyth, I will admit – some days I find difficulty in living. As you indicated in your comment there is an unrelenting assault taking place on my body. The emotional toll it is taking on Gary is evident as he sees me everyday and experiences what I am going through on a daily basis. It is tough on both him and I. I appreciate your strength in helping me battle on and the soft hugs are always welcomed. Hope your day is beautiful and full of sunshine.

At times, there seems to be an unrelenting assault taking place.  Each day I wake, I know what to expect; I am very tired and drowsy and weak.


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The unrelenting assault is coming from cancer waging a war on my body along with the immunotherapy weakening my immune system and the many drugs my body is having to take that help with pain management and other needed reasons, but also come with side effects that negatively affect me.  Then there is the lymphedema that is currently taking place.  The lymphedema causing pain, and causes inconveniences with walking, standing and sleeping.

The assaults on my body some days are difficult to deal with and very time consuming.  It takes me much longer to do daily tasks and much of that requires help from Gary.  Besides needing help with daily tasks, Gary takes on many other responsibilities including picking up my prescriptions, grocery shopping, cooking, laundry, and this list continues.

Image3The most important item on the list is his never-ending determination to make my life easier.  He is always available for me when I need help.  Some days he struggles watching me as I deal with pain, discomfort and the relentless assaults taking place on my body every day.  Some days he struggles with the idea I may not be here much longer.

63 thoughts on “The assault on my body

  1. I am glad my comment prompted this piece which spotlights the daily struggles you are both enduring. I am on the road across France and have a day or two without internet ahead so I am sending extra strength to you both, extra helpings of hugs for you both and my respect and admiration to you both. I cannot imagine that anyone would want to wear either yours or Gary’s shoes for a single step if they are honest. 🌈

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  2. I close my eyes and try and envision everything you are going through, it’s impossible. You have gone through so much and continue to go through so much more. Gary is your rock, and is going through all this with you, I know he wouldn’t want it any other way. I pray for strength, for both of you my friend. Sending sincere love and hugs 🙂 x

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  3. I think I have missed a post, I am trying to catch up. This is our busiest week of the year as a family in terms of birthdays and there never seems enough hours in a day to get to everyone, but I promise I always think of you both last thing at night and as always I send my love and what little strength I have. 💜🌹

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  4. We are blessed to have husbands that love us and do so much. My husband does the driving, the shopping, hauling me around to appointments, picking up prescriptions, helps me get dressed if I can’t. Rubs my legs if they hurt.
    It is really a blessing when the body is hurting to have that kind of help.
    I’m so sorry your body is under attack. Praying so hard that you get relief.

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  5. Terry, I can’t even imagine how hard this must be for both of you! Thank you Gary for taking such good care of Terry!

    I had dental surgery on Thursday and was under anesthesia for 4 hours. I had mercury fillings removed and a part of the procedure was removing a wisdom tooth. I have been unable to do anything since. My husband is taking care of everything. It is very hard for me to watch him work so hard and not be able to help. So from this experience I have a small sense of what it must feel like for you to rely on Gary. My heart truly goes out to both of you… you both are beyond amazing!

    Lots of love and hugs to both of you!

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  6. Oh my dear friend….even though we have never had the chance to meet, I feel like we have been friends for a very long time…I feel your pain, frustration in your post….Osyth is such a wonderful woman….sending you nothing but love….gentle hugs for both you and Gary….there are no words….just know your in my heart and on my mind every day…..xxXXxx

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  7. Osyth makes such beautiful, poignant comments when most of us struggle to know what to say, dear Terry. I have seen many people battle with cancer and it is never easy but your fight seems harder than most. Always thinking about you and Gary. K x

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