…moving the fluid.

In my post ‘lymphedema‘, I wrote the following –

This past Monday, I had a visit from home health care specialist to treat my lymphedema.  My current treatment involves the wrapping of my legs with hopes the fluid will flow back toward the trunk of my body.  With many of my lymph nodes having cancer, this process may be difficult and slow in progression or not work at all.  If this treatment is unsuccessful, then other treatments will be considered.

Image4Treatment along with exercise hopefully will help reduce the swelling at which time I will wear compression stockings for the unforeseen future.  My understanding is lymphedema can be temporary or permanent, therefore treatment will continue for as long as the lymphedema is present.  I hope eventually to reduce the swelling and improve my leg muscles so I have the ability to walk without the aid of a walker or cane.

In today’s post, I write the following –

For the past 2 weeks, up until this past Monday, my legs were wrapped.  You may remember in my video post ‘The Real Me Now‘, I showed my fully wrapped legs.  The fluid that was once in my lower legs and feet were forced up into my pelvic area and was causing me issues.  First the fluid did not appear to be leaving my body.  The process is this fluid travels through the lymph node system then enters the liver and exits through the urine.

With my usual issue of dealing with constipation vs a normal bowel movement, now my abdominal area was being filled with fluid.  This caused added discomfort and pain to an already beat up body full of other aches and agony.  So, the wrapping of the legs was removed this past Monday with a pending decision as to what the next step would be.


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This past Tuesday I met with my Oncologist Dr. L. to discuss my lymphedema and current overall pain I continue to feel.  His feeling on the lymphedema is to receive a different treatment that involves skin massaging and is referred to as manual lymphatic drainage (MLD).  I also soon will begin wearing compression stockings during waking hours that should help in moving the fluid.

Yesterday my home health care specialist was here to begin the MLD treatment.  The treatment is being modified some because I am unable to lie flat on my back and laying on my stomach is not an option either.  So, yesterday’s treatment is the first of many and we are hoping for positive results.  Currently my feet, ankles, calves, thighs and waist are filled with fluid.  This makes it difficult for me to walk and many other daily activities we take for granted are now a huge effort for me.  The pain associated with daily routine activities are exhausting for me and drain my energy so fast, I accomplish very little during the day.

20170416_194313 (2)My days are filled with much rest – and that in itself can be stressful to prepare for.

My days are filled with much pain – and that in itself can be stressful to prepare for.

The effort to rest, the effort to treat pain, the effort to deal with everyday activities is difficult for me.

Much of my energy is drained – but I wake each morning to try again.

57 thoughts on “…moving the fluid.

  1. I have a similar fluid-accumulating problem in my neck if I lie on one side. I’ve had so much surgery for thyroid cancer that I don’t think I have many lymph nodes left in my neck to help with drainage. I usually sleep propped up on 4 or 5 pillows and that eases it somewhat. As always, my best wishes go to you and Gary.

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  2. I feel you and I hear you and I’m helpless to help you. Your body attacked in all directions and each attempt to help meaning another issue occurs like trying to crack the Rubric Cube and each time turning it around and finding a mess on a different face. The frustration must be so wearing. You sound worn out and you sound careworn. Gary must be too but I know you are both trying every day to press reset in hopes of an improvement. Terry – I feel you and I hear you and I’m hopelessly useless at helping. So again I send you all I have …. all the positive warmth, hope, strength and goodwill. And those gentlest hugs.

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    • Gary and I are both worn out, but we do our best to stay positive and optimistic. I will not lie, my life is very tough right now, I am not liking it too much. Thank you Osyth, as always your comments lift me some and your support is heartwarming – I appreciate you very much. 🙂

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      • I think you are quite incredible, both of you. There is no shame in feeling less than Skippy hoppy-happy. If I can lift you a little I am glad. To be fair it’s probably well I’m not your neighbour, though … I might be outside the RV with pimpims and batons all rah rah the and even sweet Roxy would feel like snarling at my cheerful cheerleading …. I’ve decided when (note WHEN not if) we meet up and given that you might not be in the mood for cupcakes and ice cream that I’ll take a turn on those pesky legs of yours … I have a massage qualification from my Ante-Natal teaching days. Practical support feels a good idea to me.

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  3. I’m sure this is the dumbest question ever but dang it I have to ask….do they have you on lasix? I’m sure they do I just felt I had to ask just incase.
    I bet that fluid is really causing some hurt.
    I wish so much you could get comfortable. Thinking of you every day.
    Darn it why did it have to go into your abdomen! Stupid fluid!!!!!
    Praying for you and hoping that this fluid gets the heck out of your body. Sending love.

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  4. Dam this bastard cancer….it has thrown you massive hurdles at every single turn….you are so much stronger that I could ever be….you continue to smile, get and try each day, blog, be positive not just for yourself but for all of us….I am sending you my energy today, every single bit of it….moon beams, love, energy and strength are passing to you on the wind my friend, I know you will share with Gary, that’s just how you roll…..your in my heart…..XXXXkat

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  5. Oh Terry, this whole ordeal is not fun. It is draining you completely of every inch of your being, and you still stay positive. I feel for you my friend, I really do and I wish there was just something I could do to help. Why do I live so far away?
    The stress you deal with constantly just to rest, just to deal with the pain, just everything in general….it breaks my heart. I felt every word you wrote… Prayers, love and gentle hugs always. x

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  6. I’ve been undergoing lymphatic drainage on my legs recently, as it so happens. I’ve had lymphedema issues since my stroke in 2007, and my leg was about three times the size it is now when I started. Trust me, they can do miracles, and the massaging itself is very gentle. They’ve been wrapping my leg after each session so the leg doesn’t fill up again. I’m going to get fitted for a device that wraps around my leg and fastens with Velcro, since I have trouble getting the socks on.

    Anyway, you were recommended by a “related content” ad on my blog. Nice to meet you!

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    • Very nice to meet you John and thank you for sharing your story. I hope your lymphedema gets better for you. I started the messaging last week and it did help. Hopefully mine gets better soon. Thank you for stopping by to read and comment. 🙂


  7. This is such a hard battle, Terry. I can only echo everyone’s comments sending hugs, kisses and love to you and Gary. I do hope that the massage helps treat the lymphedema and perhaps ease the pain somewhat. You must be so tired of feeling this way. 💋

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  8. Oh Terry. We all keep waiting and wishing for good news from you. This horrible cancer has thrown everything at you except the proverbial kitchen sink. Here’s hoping the new treatment brings some relief. My heart goes out to you and Gary. You are both phenomenal. Sending the hugest of hugs and spoons.

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    • With each passing day, I also wait for some positives. The days are becoming tougher for Gary and I as we wait and see what comes from the current treatment. Thank you Peggy for always dropping by each day – I appreciate you. 🙂

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  9. Oh, Terry, that sounds so painful. I hope the massages are going to help you with moving those fluids and I hope they will soon leave your body. I hope you will get them daily? The stockings should be helpful too, maybe even more than the wrapping. At least they will look nicer and you won’t have to worry if they are going to slide south. I hope so much that you will be able to walk again soon! Many gentle hugs! 😄💕

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  10. Sarah, the massages will be twice a week and the stocking should help. I am looking forward to having some relieve soon and appreciate your support and encouraging words. 🙂


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