let’s go celebrate

One year ago, today we left.

One year ago, today was his ‘big’ day.

But the leaving overshadowed his ‘big’ day.


One year ago, today I published a post ‘Yes, today is the day we celebrate.‘, in which I wrote the following words –

You know what today is?  How could you forget, I have written about it for weeks and months now.

Yes, today is the day the new owners sign papers to buy our home.

Yes, today is the day we leave our home for the last time.

Yes, today is the day we make our way to Pensacola, Florida.


Yes, today is the day we celebrate.

In today’s post, I write the following words –

One year ago, today we left Dallas immediately after signing papers of the sale of our house.

One year ago, today was his ‘big’ day; it was Gary’s 60th birthday.

But the leaving overshadowed his ‘big’ day; there was no cake or ice cream.

Today let’s celebrate Gary’s 61st birthday!


Happy Birthday Gary.  You my husband and partner, my caretaker and friend, my rock of support.  You bring meaning to my life, my heart and soul.

For this I adore you and love you.

Happy 61th Birthday!

Now let’s go celebrate.

65 thoughts on “let’s go celebrate

  1. Happiest of Happy Birthday’s Gary. I wish you a wonderful day filled with joy and laughter. Terry, I am so glad that you are together today, Gary’s day … let there be sunshine and warmth and laughter to highlight the loving, devoted bond you share. And let Roxie have a little cake says The Bean 🎂

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  2. Oh, for sure let’s celebrate Gary’s birthday 🙂 Happy Birthday Gary. Hope you have a wonderful day with cake and some ice-cream, in fact, double up on that, seeing you didn’t have any last year 🙂 Terry my sweet friend, I hope you feel up to have even just a little cake and ice-cream today.
    Celebrate today with your wonderful husband and beautiful little Roxy. Lots of Love 🙂 x

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  3. No, that handsome guy is no more than 41! Happy Birthday to Gary – an all round great guy. There definitely needs to be at least one cupcake. 🎂 Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Gary, happy birthday to you! Hip, hip Hurrah!!!!!🎇🎆

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  4. In our tradition, 60 marks the first half of life. Today you and Gary celebrate the first year of the second half of his life, and may the second half be just as productive, full of positive energy, light and love, as the first! Happy Birthday to Gary!
    In our tradition, we also wish Happy Birthday to the loved ones of “the birthday boy,” so dear Terry, Happy Gary’s Birthday to you, with much joy today and every day!

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  5. Happy Birthday, Gary, and what a devoted, courageous husband you are, Terry, that even in the midst of all you are going through, you still fine the energy to blog about Gary’s birthday. Thank you, Gary, for all you do to support Terry, I hope you are able to have a small celebration with some cake 😊🎉🎈🎂🕺🏼🕺🏼💕

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