Hanging a Little Longer

Not my usual posts, but I am running behind these days.


Image Provided by: QuotesGram

Running behind what?Β  Well, everything.


Image Provided by: pinterest.com

And you cannot go wrong with animal quotes, right?


Image Provided by: swahilimom.blogspot.com



Image Provided by: twitter.com

49 thoughts on “Hanging a Little Longer

  1. And your doing a great job of keeping up on here !! Are you kidding me….your the most efficient blogger I know…..I always love to jump on here and know there will be a message from you….and hanging in there pictures are great….XXXXXXxxxxxXXXXXX

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  2. I love the kitten 😊 Am on my way to the optician to have my bloodshot eye examined and this made me smile, I always get nervous before any kind of appointment! Thank you, Terry, and best wishes as always πŸ’œ

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