Brotherly Transformations

Still more came to visit.

As mentioned in this past weekend’s posts, I had more family visitors.

The trip was planned for some time, and I did not foresee myself being in the hospital.  But there I was and here they came and we made the best of it.  This family visit involved my oldest brother, his wife and their daughter and son.  Gary, the usual host with the most; never skipped a beat and helped make the best of their time here when not visiting me in the hospital.  Really, who wants to go to Florida and spend their time at the hospital?


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With the arrival of Monday came my brother and his family’s departure.  We were not able to spend a great deal of time together, but that time together was important for all of us.  They needed to see and visit with me just as much as I needed to see and visit with them.

As with all the previous family visits, there were tears, honestly, openness and the knowing that this time spent together could very well be our last time together.

Monday morning, it was only my brother to come visit me one more time before heading back home to Texas.  This brotherly time together, just us two together and talking about our relationship through the years was important.  This time together to share a hug and say, ‘I love you’ without feeling embarrassed and uneasy is what I believe to be the conclusion of a lifetime brotherly relationships and brotherly transformations.

We both came full circle in this relationship of ours and we departed knowing the love we have for each other is strong, real and sincere.


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The previous years and years of what use to be our brotherly relationship was transformed on Monday.  A new brotherly relationship like none other we had experienced over the years.

Why wait until the last minute for these transformations?

I have no answers; I guess that is just life.

I love you brother and your family and thank you for visiting me.

You are important to me, as is our brotherly transformations.

49 thoughts on “Brotherly Transformations

  1. Oooh maan.. terry..

    It’s so damn sad 😭…

    But I love ❤️ your positivity and and your attitude…

    It’s so good that your family is taking the time to come a visit with you .. and get back the love where it belongs…

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  2. This is beautiful my friend, I am so happy you got to spend this time with your brother and his family.
    Yes, life is strange sometimes and there possibly are no answers, but it is what it is, and the main thing is, you and your brother are good now, and that is what is so important.
    I hope you are comfortable and get to go home soon. Love, hugs and prayers always. 🙂 x

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  3. I’m so glad that you had this time and the conversation with your brother, Terry. It sounds like your relationship with each other has reached where it was supposed be and it is truly wonderful that you both let the other know how much you love each other. It’s sad of course that it took so long but there’s a saying in German “Better late than never.”
    Sending you warm and gentle hugs my friend! 😄😘

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  4. Sometimes there are no answers. Particularly with relationships and family. But the important thing is that you have spent this precious time together with your brother and that you have come out of it with your true relationship, not one that was messed up over years, but your true brotherly love whole and strong. I am glad for this whilst, of course, sad for the context. Hugs, gentlest hugs to you 🤗

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  5. While it is sad that it takes something like what you’re going through to bring these relationship milestones to pass, at least it has happened. I’m sure many people never get the chance to have those changes in relationships, and those who are left can only regret what didn’t happen. Thoughts and prayers, as always.

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  6. So important to have the feeling of love all around you, to settle old difference that make no matter anymore….the love of a sibling. family and friends is a feeling of comfort, joy and purer bliss in my opinion, not that my opinion matters – lol – nice that you are able to use this time with your family to express your true love for them and not hold back…I admire you my friend, your attitude, strength and resolve are beyond words….moon beams and love….XXxxXX

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  7. With everything else that you are going through, it is good to read that this part of your life has found some peace and some healing. I hope this enables you to have more strength for the other parts. 💜

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  8. Coming together through love is the best thing we can do with family. It’s so easy to forget over the years and let old grievances keep us apart. I’m so glad that your brothers visit was transformative Terry. 😊💕😊

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