..out of my nose soon

This past Monday, in my post ‘Blockage‘, I wrote the following –

What caused this fluid buildup?

After a scan had taken place, it was determined I have a blockage between my small and larger intestines.  It is believed the blockage is caused by my cancer.  It is certain it will have to be dealt with before going back home.

7 days later and I continue to be in the hospital and be treated well enough I hope to go home soon.

But what about fixing the blockage?

I should know more today concerning what is next with this blockage issue.  I should be able to let you know later this week with better, up-to-date information.

In today’s post, I write the following –

11 days later and I continue to be in the hospital.


But what about fixing the blockage?

After days of relieving pressure in my abdominal region and hoping the blockage would auto-correct itself, it has not.  For the past 11 days, I have had a tube inserted in my nose and down to my stomach in hopes the bloating and fluid would be decreased.  The issue continues and now more aggressive measures must be taken to resolve the blockage or at least make it manageable.

Yesterday, I had a small surgery to insert a ‘G Tube’, from my stomach to the outside of my body.  This ‘G Tube’ will provide me a means to release the pressure from my stomach and small intestines without a tube going through my nose.  This ‘G Tube’ should bring me some relieve, however it brings on a whole another set of challenges.  With this tube, I will no longer eat through my mouth; but instead through IV.

My medications will now be taken differently because I must allow the absorbing to take place in my stomach without being sucked out by this new ‘G Tube’.   A great deal of changes will take place in the next days and weeks to grow accustomed to this new way of life – my new way of life.

Gary and I have much to learn with this new way of life and I am confident we will make it through this learning period.


My hopes are, this will be successful and the changes needed to my body will go well.

My hopes are, I will have this tube removed from out of my nose soon.

My hopes are, I will leave the hospital soon.

92 thoughts on “..out of my nose soon

  1. I know you resist the word love from strangers but you know, I consider you to be my friend. And so I send you love. All the love I have. Share it with Gary and take it to your heart. Strength, my friend, strength to prevail. x

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  2. You can’t possibly resist our love…LOL its way to strong to be resisted…your sister friends from WordPress will just keep pressing love onto you no matter….glad they have come up with some solutions for the pressure…bummer it includes a nasal tube, but his to will become second nature to you…glad your going to get to go home soon….moon beams, lots and lots of moon beams my friend…..xxXXxx sending lots of Love and really soft hugs…kat

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  3. Oh Terry, I want to hug you, a gentle hug. I just hope you are in no pain and discomfort. My heart is aching for you to feel stronger and be able to go home soon. Thinking of you and praying for you. Lots of love my friend, xxx

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  4. That dang fluid!!!!!!!!!!!! A friend of mine had a tube placed in her belly and I was pretty shocked at the amount of fluid that was removed. 2 liters. But that took the pressure off and she could breathe comfortably again. Stupid fluid. I hate that fluid on you and I demand in the name of all things good that that fluid GOES AWAY!!!!
    Really, hoping right here with you that that fluid is passed out of your body and you can rest and be comfortable. Darn tube in your nose must be frustrating. Sending love and hope

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  5. All the love shared here just goes to show what an impact your life is on those you have touched and continue to. What a privilege it is for so many of us to be blessed by your friendship. You certainly have a purpose dear terry and you sure are doing it. You are teaching unconditional love. You are light and love. So sorry you have to suffer to teach this lesson. But know it has made an impact on many all over the world. Love and peace and comfort to you sweet dear friend! Xxooxx

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  6. Terry, I just want to add that every night I come here to see your latest update and you have taught me a huge lesson in courage, dignity, acceptance, patience and gratitude, for no matter how bad I feel, how much pain I am in, how disgusting the weather (!), I read your post and know my concerns are all nothing in the grand scheme of things. I wish you didn’t have to go through all that to teach me this lesson. You and Gary have made an impact on me (and on many others) that I never would have imagined just a few months ago when I first came across your blog. I visited then for your dancing vlogs by the pool and your jogging tours of your neighbourhood. Then I came across your personal posts about your background and I followed your growing desire to become closer with your family. You have drawn me in and I feel privileged to have joined your community of followers and friends. I hope you soon have some respite from all the tubes, pain and discomfort. It will at least be a relief to be rid of the nasal tube. I hope you will be able to get some much-needed rest. 💜

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