Gary’s Text

Monday’s post was titled ‘Hospice & Home‘, and today’s post I could easily name Hospice House.  I do not need to be confused any more than I already am.


Because hospice focus is quality of life while I am still here and since Monday my body took a different direction than expected, I am in the hospital – a hospice hospital – or in my case, a Hospice House.

I started having issues breathing due to fluid on my lungs and my pain had increased as well.  Recent pain medication had changed and an increased in level took place.  It is believed my body is not eliminating fluids qs quickly and this fluid is building in my lungs as well as other places.  I currently am off my nutritional fluid IV while this fluid reduces in my lungs and my breathing become easier again.  I entered Hospice House on Tuesday and unsure how long I will be here.  This place does not seem like a hospital, but instead a quiet place to receive peace and treatment.


I stole these words from a text Gary sent a couple of days ago – (with some editing)

We thought it best for him to receive some medical care for the recent build up of fluids in his lungs causing him breathing issues and to try to figure out how best to get some nutrients into him that won’t cause so much issues with the fluid buildup. The place is very pleasant and cheery and the staff are very attentive and compassionate.

109 thoughts on “Gary’s Text

  1. Hospice houses (homes) are filled with loving, caring angels. I know you are in good care there, and I am sending you tender hugs, gentle kisses, and more love than you can know. Love you sweet Terry! You are one of my heroes! Always remember that! You are a hero! xo

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  2. I am sorry to hear that things weren’t so great on Monday, but pleased that you are getting taken care of so well. Hospice Home looks wonderful, and what a beautiful view you have there. Sending you love my friend. My prayers are with you and Gary. Gentle hugs. xxx

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  3. The other day I promised you a gift. You might remember that moons and moons ago I send you ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ and explained that my husband is from Liverpool and it is an anthem there and that he had also wanted me to send it to you. Now you are in your Hospice Home surrounded by gentle care-giving angels, the love of your life with you giving all he has to you, a beautiful view to rest your weary eyes and the love of so many here in this place that you have made so special for those of us that have the privilege of knowing you. You might also recall that once upon a lifetime ago I worked for a band called Queen. I am fortunate and privileged to count three of them as still my friends and the fourth, gone far too soon, was a friend until he was taken. This was his last video. You stand with him Terry as an inspiration and a hero to many. A man who humbles those around him with his dignity and his integrity. A man who is truly loved and a man who can look back at the days of HIS life and be proud. For to be truly loved, you must be a truly good man.

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  4. I know it’s always much nicer to be at home with Gary and Roxy where you feel the most comfortable and familiar but Hospice Homes usually are very reassuring places to get some well-needed care, in, as Gary said, an attentive compassionate environment. I hope it helps ease your pain. 🙂

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  5. I’m so sorry things weren’t going well at home but it looks like you’re in the right place for now. It does look like you have a beautiful view. I check in daily. You are much on my mind.

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  6. hi Terry, thank you for sharing with us how you are doing, and Where. Hoping they’ve got the breathing now sorted out and it is easier and painfree. Your view…. I do like that, so even though its a Hospital, you have quite the peaceful view. ps …. wondering if Roxy could be ‘snuck’ over for a visit, lol If she is like my dog used to be, she’d be way too excited! thinking of you. hugs and hoping you can return home soon.

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  7. Hospice House. Even the name sounds peaceful….personally I am glad you are where you have all the care in the world you need, and let Gary just be your husband, (don’t get me wrong he is the best caregiver you could ever have ) but this will give the man who is in love with you to do what he is meant to do, be by your side and hold your hand while you look out up on the beautiful scenery, rest my friend….moon beams will find you no matter where you are..XXXXxxXXXkat

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