63 thoughts on “I need a haircut

  1. Shame on you! Get that haircut …. even though I think you look just dandy. You are so amazing – reaching out and making sure everyone is updated, being kind and appreciative. I wish you comfort, I wish you nice teeny tastes of popsicle and other things that you can tolerate in their liquidy form and I wish you peace. Thank you for sharing this. It means so much and I know I am not remotely alone in that sentiment. Take good care today and have the best day you possibly can. Hugs. Very very gentle hugs.

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  2. It’s soooo lovely to see you and hear your voice, Terry!!!! 😄 I actually really like the way your hair is right now so I veto no to that haircut! 😄 😉
    So wonderful of you to make this little surprise video, I know that we are all so very happy to see you 😄 Get those tastebuds every popsicle you can get your hands on! 😉 Wish you a Happy Day – and yes, I know it sounds weird under the circumstances but like you I really wish you that! Sending many, many gentle hugs and kisses to you my dear friend! 😄😘💕

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  3. What a wonderful surprise to see you my friend, and to hear your voice. And, as always being the gentleman that you are, thanking us, giving us an update. You are the best. Thank you for being you, and I really mean that. I hope those popsicles keep coming your way…enjoy each and everyone. Be comfortable and rest. Take care, and by the way, I think your hair looks great. Love and hugs my friend. 🙂 x

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  4. It’s great to hear your voice, Terry, and to see you smile! Your hair rocks, and haircuts are terribly outdated (any teenager will tell you that!), but if it makes you feel better, get one, by all means!
    Enjoy those popsickles and have a peaceful day
    Sending prayers and blessings your way,

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  5. I echo everyone else – it was lovely to see your video. An unexpected treat. I kinda like the quiff too but I love long hair on guys! Very happy that you are having a good day and are content. Enjoy the popsicles – I have a fetish for some yummy pecan ones imported from Mexico. I am virtually fluffing up your hair! K x

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  6. What a beautiful gift you gave us with this video!!!!! Thank you so much dear sweet Terry! So so glad to see you comfortable and in good spirits! Love you so much dear friend! Thank you for this gift! xoxo

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  7. I say let it grow…nothing like a little tuft of hair on top….so nice to hear your voice and see you….sending you lots and lots and then some more sweet hugs, a kiss on the cheek….may the moon beams find you at night and wrap you in there magic……lots of love to you my friend…..XXxxXX.

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