figures in the distance

Fears and Fogs & Alone Suffocating, grasping and seeing figures in the distance.

Then there is the choking waking me in the middle of the night to remind me it is time.


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These are ramblings of a dying man, a man whose body and brain are tired.

And what about the vision, another sign?

A sign for what?

To remind me it is time?

There is that apple sauce going nowhere really no longer to serve a purpose.  Well the purpose has changed some and reminds me of the signs.

Remind me not to eat too many ice chips or drink too much water, because of time could come later.

To remind me it is time?

Fears and Fogs & Alone Suffocating, clasping and seeing figures in the distance.


75 thoughts on “figures in the distance

  1. Thank you Jodi for the message…no words for the loss of such a wonderful man…my heart is with Gary and family…..moon beams my friend Terry, I will find you sitting on top of them one day….XXXxxxXXXXkat


  2. Hoping Gary, that you know how many truly loved Terry! I’m sure you do. And how many feel they know and love you too! Our heart, thoughts and love are with you and your family. Know terry will remain in my hear. I will miss him greatly.


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  4. My condolences to both of your families and specially to Gary, who has been fighting to give you, Terry, all the best he was able to in his life and so much caring in the last time.
    You will be missed in here, Terry ❤


  5. Terry was the first person that I interacted with on this media. Through these minor conversations I learned so much of how he lived his life. Gary, I am so sorry for your loss. Terry was a person I felt loved life and lived it to the fullest . May he Rest In Peace. Again so sorry for your loss.


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  7. Tears and sorrow…even though we knew this day was coming…death leaves a hole no one can fill…Terry was a gift to this world, a precious, awesome gift…I am grateful to have been able to read his writings and to be privy to his journey. Rest well Terry, rest well


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