The Gym Rat and T3


Hey All,

Since I decided that continuing to be a “Pack Rat” was probably not a good idea given that my living space in the RV is a bit limited and since I’ve already down-sized so significantly this past year, I decided that maybe it would be better to become a “Gym Rat” !

I looked up the definition and it says that a “Gym Rat” is someone who spends all leisure time playing sports and working out in a gymnasium or health spa and since it doesn’t say anything about needing to have a “bushy tail” like the “Pack Rat” then this new form of “Rat” fits me better !

So as you can see from the photos and also when viewing the video, I am trying to work out, of course when not pre-occupied trying to do selfie’s !

Now you are also probably wondering from the title of this blog what does T3 have to do with the gym or the title of this blog ?  Remember the video blog I did the other day with all the turtles and do you know what day today is ?  Well, today is exactly one month since Terry departed this earth for heaven.  When I was leaving the gym and crossing the bridge which is over the creek, I look down into the water and noticed that there was a very big turtle swimming at a very rapid rate right towards me like it wanted to get my attention. As I looked down, the turtle quickly stopped and then lifted his head high and look up directly at me.  I truly believe that this turtle was T3 “Terry the Turtle” and that he (Terry) just wanted to take another moment to let me know that all is well with him in heaven and not to worry.  The 2 turtle photos included below in this blog are those of T3 looking up at me !

Luv Gary



Pack Rat ?

Over the year’s Terry would tell me that I had an illness…. he would say that I had pack rat syndrome.

So, I went ahead and decided to look up the definition of a pack rat.  I found that a pack rat is a bushy-tailed rodent of western North America that has well-developed cheek pouches and that hoards food and miscellaneous objects.

Then I thought about this definition and asked myself, do I have a bushy tail? I don’t think so! Do I live in western North America? I know I live in North America, but I live in the east (in Florida) so does that mean I don’t live in the west…I’m so confused!! So, do I have well-developed cheek pouches? I looked at myself in the mirror with and without food in my mouth and I really couldn’t tell? So, I’ll let you guys decide the answer on this one. Now do I hoard food and miscellaneous objects? Well….I’ll have to admit I do have a slight tendency to do this. I do know my older brother used to notice that I tended to keep a very large supply of meatballs in my freezer and yes, I had a feddish for stuffed animals and sometimes would buy one too many (see photo). But you know most people that are hoarders, tend to have junk all over the place. However, I am very neat and a bit OCD so I must keep things in very neat piles and to make sure all my stuff is out of view so there is no clutter. So, does that make me a neat pack-ratter?

So, I explored the definition of a pack rat further and discovered that it is a person who collects or hoards especially unneeded items. So, I thought to myself…. did I really need all those stuffed animals…well probably not, but they were so cute and cuddly! Luckily, since we were selling our 4,000-sq. ft. home last year and were moving into the small recreation vehicle I had to donate all my stuffed animal friends. No room for them in the Inn. So, Bye bye dear friends! 

Okay, so now you see all these boxes of stuff in the other photos. They are all the urostomy supplies I accumulated for Terry. Yes, I will admit I probably went a bit overboard here, but the stuff was needed for changing out Terry’s uroromy bags on a regular basis although I probably had 10 years’ worth of supplies on hand. At least I kept things neat and out of site in our RV because I told you I was an obsessive neat freak.

Well today I finally boxed up all this stuff up and donated it to Moffit Cancer Center for others in need to use. So now the RV feels a bit empty. So, am I now a cured pack ratter?

Okay, I don’t know and I’m a bit confused again?

Let’s just all agree for now that I’m a temporarily-cured partially diagnosed rat packer (since some things I hoarded were necessary although somewhat excessive) and that I will admit I still do still have a feddish for stuffed animals and I will always love my meatballs!


“Sto-Lat, Sto-Lat (Part 2)”

Hey All,

For some reason this very old video and the only one that I have of my Dad would not open up on the original post.  So, what I did was view the video on my computer and due a new video off my phone from that video (so naturally the quality is not very good and is kind of a pirated version). I then had to send that revised video thru You tube and then share it onto the Word Press site.  I am not sure how to replace this video with the one that didn’t work on the original post so to correct for now I did this Part 2 post.  I am sure there is an easier way to do this and eventually I will learn !!! Luv Gary

Sto-Lat, Sto-Lat!!

“Sto-lat” (One Hundred Years) is a traditional Polish song that is sung to express good wishes, good health and long life to a person. An English version of the lyrics are:

Good luck, good cheer, may you live a hundred years.

Good luck, good cheer, may you live a hundred years.

Good luck, good cheer, may you live a hundred years.

One Hundred Years!

If you were in Poland and it was making you nervous that you wouldn’t be able to pronounce the above words in Polish at a birthday celebration, do not panic too much. “Sto Lat” is often accompanied by vodka, which somehow makes the pronunciation much easier!

So why am I writing this post to you today? It was on September 27, 1917, that a little baby boy named Stanley was born to a polish immigrant couple who settled in Lynn, Massachusetts. Stanley was the youngest of 7 children and if he lived to this very day, Stanley would have reached that 100 Year “Sto-lat” landmark. This man Stanley that I am speaking about was my dear Dad!

Unfortunately, my Dad did not live to be 100 years old. He went to heaven peacefully on January 9th, 2009 (about 8 years ago) at the age of 91, while in the comfort of his home. On that very morning just before he passed, my parents had pre-arranged for a visit from their lawyer to their house to sign their updated last will and testament. Ironically, in just less than one hour after the attorney left my parent’s house, my Dad simply sat down on his favorite chair and moments later—- his heart just simply stopped.

My Dad was such a wonderful person who was loved by all. He never complained and rarely talked much about himself. When you would meet him, he genuinely was interested in you and your welfare and would take the time to listen intently to what you had to say. My Dad was the kind of person who loved his wife and family deeply, who was proud of his three sons, and who would always speak from the heart.

I really miss my Dad even after all these years. However, I am comforted to know that he is at peace and that he continues to lovingly watch over us (his family) from his rightful place in heaven.

“Sto-lat” “Sto-lat” my dear Dad ——- you finally made it to 100 years !  “Sto-lat” !!!


Unfortunately, unlike Terry’s Blog I do not have many current pictures of my Dad here with me in my RV in Tampa. However, I incorporated into this Blog a photo of my Dad (in his younger years) that you might recognize since it was previously used by Terry as the main character in a couple of his creative short stories.

Also included is the only video that I have of my Dad probably taken about 10 to 12 years ago and a photo although a bit dark of his Urn, favorite hat and a photo of my Dad’s smiling face proudly showing “The Drabczuk smile”!

Also included below are a couple of other personal comments about my Dad:


From my mother Stacia (his wife): What can I write about my husband?  He was the best thing that ever happened to me.  I’m sure glad I accepted his New Year’s invitation to go on a date when he called me on Christmas Eve in 1947.  That was the beginning of it all.  In May of 1949, Stan and I married.  He gave me 60 years of the happiest times of my life, but most of all he left me with three wonderful sons – Jan, Gary and Randy.

From my brother Jan (his oldest son): Growing up I always remember that my Dad was there for me. He would come home usually after working overtime and he still had time for me. He was there for both my happy and sad times. Dad gave me the direction, education and love that has made me successful in life. Every day I wish I could be more like him. Wish you were still hear Dad. Happy 100th birthday.

From my brother Randy (his youngest son): I can’t believe my dad would have turned a 100 years old today.  I also can’t believe it’s been over 8 years since his passing.  Not a day goes by that I don’t think of him.  He was a wonderful father, husband and man of this world.  He was a friend to all that knew him. My dad was the type of guy that could walk into a room of strangers and then walk out of that room with every one of those strangers becoming his friend.   He made everybody laugh.   Growing up with my dad provides me with some of my best memories in life.  He was always supportive of me and encouraged me to excel in everything I did.  No matter how busy he was with working extra hours to support our family, he would still find time in his schedule for me and that made me feel special.  From the simple things in life like coming up to tuck me in bed when I was little or the difficult things like coming to the hospital when I was in a car wreck, I could always see in my dad’s eyes how much he loved me.  Even as an adult, when I went back home to visit, I could always feel my dad’s love.  I only wish I could be half the man my dad was. I love my dad, I miss my dad and I wish my dad a Happy 100th Birthday!

Here’s to my dad… “Na zdrowie!”

From my sister-in-law Gail (my brother Jan’s wife): Stanley was always a lot of fun and happy to see anyone who walked into his home. He made everyone feel welcome and could not wait to chat with you. He made me feel like part of the family from the first meeting. I will always love and miss him as his daughter in law. He will forever be missed.


From Terry (my deceased spouse, written several months ago): Gary’s father is now gone from this world, and I only had the opportunity to be in his company twice.  From the memories of Gary and his family and the short time I knew him; he was an extremely patient, funny and easy-going man.  A son, a brother, a husband, a father, a respected man.  He is missed and now a memory, but he is not forgotten.


A Doggie’s Plea

Hey all,

I wanted to get this post out to you early since I have a bunch of appointments in the morning. I’ve included a very nice poem that you can share with any of your family or friends who might lose a dog or who might have to make a decision in the future to put one to sleep. The poem really helps to comfort you and to know that you are doing the right thing when that time comes. It was given to me several years ago when our other doggie Max suddenly got sick and died. I shared this poem with my friend Dawana who I visited on Saturday. Unfortunately, on Sunday her doggie became too ill and started having seizures and had to be put to sleep. Luv Gary



Last night I had a particularily hard time sleeping. I felt that I was constantly being watched, but I couldn’t figure out in my dream by whom? At about 5 AM I heard the chirp of my phone so I decided to just get up early and to make a pot of coffee. Then when I opened up my cell phone, this picture of Terry popped up on my cell phone screen? I have no idea how it got there and the photo now also shows up in my photo gallery? I am sure I did not take this photo in the past ? Could it actually be a sign coming directly from Terry from heaven letting me know that he is watching over me and all is okay. I remember talking about life and death and the afterlife with Terry when it was evident that his time was becomming short. I told him that when he left this earth, I was concerned on how I would ever know that he was okay and visa versa? He said jokingly, don’t worry….since I am so good with automation I’ll send you a sign. Could last night’s dream and this photo now popping up on my cell phone this morning be this sign from Terry ?

Luv Gary


The Last Living Witch !

Hey all, I know I rushing the season a bit….but it is fall !

Here is a real treat for you. The photos I’m including here are those of my dear 94 year old mother who is known to be the “last living witch” from Salem Massachusetts. She of couse is a “good” witch ! If I said anything otherwise she would put a spell on me!

I am offering Stacia the Witch for your future Halloween parties ! Think of the advantage….no transportation costs involved for you as she can fly to your home on her own broom of course!

Stacia my Mom now lives in the panhandle of Florida (near Fort Walton Beach) with my younger brother Randy and has such fond memories of casting her spells in her earlier years of living in Salem Massachusetts.

39 Year Reunion (Part 2 of 2)

Hey All, 

Took a ride to Homosassa, Florida today to visit an old friend of mine from my 1978 ROTC Summer Camp at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. The ride took about 1 hour and 30 minutes. I haven’t seen Dawana for over 39 Years! Dawana tried to reach out to me back in February and when I was at my brother’s in Orlando during Hurricane Irma, I found Dawana’s old message, so immediately responded and set up this 39 year reunion visit for today.

The first photo was sent to me by Dawana which was an old photo from 39 years ago from our class. I am the guy in the brown shirt in the center (2nd row) immediately behind Dawana who is in the center front. The last photo is a current one of us taken today and as you can see we haven’t changed a bit !

Thre second photo is from a creek in front of Dawana’s house were I had an unexpected encounter with an alligator. Luckily I am still alive and have both of my arms and legs and the alligator went quickly back into the creek! Never can be too careful in Gator Land!

The other 2 photos were taken near a corner pond located in Dawana’s beautiful lanai overlooking the water. The first photo is one of Dawana’s pet “ghost” goldfish and the other photo is one of Dawana’s pet turtles which she has raised for many years ever since it was just a little one. I askef Dawana if this turtle had a special name and Dawana said that she never named it! I think this is sad and feel we all should help Dawana out. So when you respond back it would really be appre ciated if you could suggest a catchy name for Dawana to call her pet turtle. I will share all your suggestions to Dawana.

All in all a good day catching up with old friends!  Luv Gary