A Special Thank You from Gary

To All of Terry’s Beloved Blog Friends:

I just want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to each and everyone of you who have been faithful followers and supporters of Terry over the past couple of years.  It was because of your thoughtfulness, love, genuine concern and continual encouragement to Terry that truly gave him the strength and the drive to write and post his wonderful blogs each day and to share his life with you.  He did this no matter if he was having a positive day or a day with a lot of health challenges as a result of his cancer.  Needless to say, this has been a very tough time, but you all have helped tremendously to lessen the stress.  It was so sad to witness my husband and best friend transition from a person with so much vigor and in the very best of health to one that eventually became totally dependent on me for even his very basic needs.

As the weeks and months progressed, he continued to get more discouraging news about the progression of his cancer, but he remarkably remained positive. The poor guy, in his last days, was living with so many drainage tubes attached to him (one in his abdomen for his urostomy bag and the other thru the middle of his stomach due to the inoperable bowel obstruction). He also had one PIC main IV line into his left arm for his total parenteral nutrition, as he no longer could eat anything by mouth, and the other IV line was attached through his main power port for his morphine pump.  Also, he was on continual Oxygen thru his nose as well.  Each day, I continued to keep up my strength and my hope that Terry could beat his cancer and that it would miraculously go into remission and all would be okay.

Just reading your daily comments to Terry each day was a tremendous help to keep up my strength as it gave me great comfort to know that there are so many wonderful folks out there that really cared about us and Terry’s challenges.  I can’t express enough in words my heartfelt thanks to you all.  As most of you probably know,  Terry passed away in our RV on MacDill Air Force Base on Friday, September 1, 2017 at about 2 PM.  I was there continually with him the entire time.  I held his hand throughout the prior night and could not sleep a wink with fear that he would pass through the night, however God wanted to let Terry awake yet one more morning for one more chance to brighten our day.  Although Terry was having difficulties speaking early Friday morning, I was able to do a quick video and to give him the opportunity to say to each of his immediate family members by name that “he loved them”.  I wish I could have done a last video with you his fellow bloggers, but Terry was just much too weak and it was so difficult for him to speak. In fact, after doing that brief video, Terry no longer spoke another word although he continue to breath at a slower rate.

I held his hand for yet another four hours and then at 2 PM his breath was no longer and he was then on his way to Heaven.  Terry truly will be missed by me and there will be a deep void in my life, and I know that there will also be a deep void experienced by you all that got to know him so well through his blogging.

I am going to keep his blog site open and continue the annual membership, and maybe someday, it I can get technology savvy, I might one day “carry the torch for Terry” and carry on with his blogs (although Terry of course was much better at this than I will be).

In the interim, I want to share with you my personal email:  gdrabczuk@gmail.com and my cell phone number 214-405-7114 should you want to email, text or call. I would love to here from you anytime that you are able.

Love to all,


P.S.  At Terry’s request, upon his passing I was finally able to share his precious blog with his entire family so they could read and enjoy what he wrote throughout the last few years and of course all your wonderful and encouraging comments which will provide them with some comfort that Terry was loved by so many.  Also, I was debating if it would be a bit disturbing to send this short video with the last words spoken by Terry where he was telling his family that he loved them (the video was condensed a bit because of its size), but since you all were there with him through all his ups and downs, thought it might be special to you to experience this video.  I also wanted to share a nice photo showing the tribute he got from a couple of airmen on MacDill Air Force Base as Terry was removed from our RV for the last time for further transport to the mortuary.  Terry, as most of you probably know will be cremated and his remains will be divided between myself and his Mom.  Thus, he will eventually have two resting places, one in Midland, TX when his Mom passes and the other with me at my resting place in Arlington cemetery when it is my time.


Also,  I know Terry will be shaking his head right now as I share a bit of trivia with you about him, but I have to do this….  When Terry was growing up in Midland, TX, he used to live right next door to the the former first lady….. Laura Bush.  Okay…..to take this just a bit further, when I grew up in Salem, Massachusetts I lived right next door to Nathaniel Hawthorn’s house…..The House of Seven Gables. So both Terry and I had famous next door neighbors.   Okay enough with this trivia !  Need to save some for next time.  Have a great Labor Day !



82 thoughts on “A Special Thank You from Gary

  1. Such a thoughtful gesture to take the time to address Terry’s many friends and followers here, Gary, thank you so much for that. I was heartsick to hear of his bladder cancer diagnosis and reluctant to tell him that I lost my mother to the same disease. She lost her battle decades ago, and I was so hoping that the prognosis would be better for Terry.

    He was the picture of dignity, courage and grace, taught us all so many lessons. I was proud to know him. Stay strong and know you have so much support here. Wishing you peace.

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  2. Gary, I believe when you are ready, you should blog on here, I am sure it will give Terry a smile, he would love to know that we, the WordPress community would continue to share our ups and downs with you and give you all the love and hugs you could stand!! LOL I miss Terry’s words, I can only imagine your sorrow. You are the best husband, friend and companion anyone could ask for. The love you both shared shined through his post and especially in that beautiful smile. Thank you for the heartfelt post. I will continue to dance under the moon, and will always think of Terry as I do, no doubt he his sliding up and down the moon beams laughing loudly and smiling upon all of us.
    Sending you nothing but love Gary, hugs and as I often told Terry, a soft kiss on the cheek as well.
    yours and Terry’s friend, Kathy

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  3. Gary, so sorry for your loss. Terry was so courageous! I remember when I first started reading his blog, he was scared to reveal himself totally to us. then, he showed us his face, then told us about you.
    I’m right down the road from McDill, in Lakeland.
    I’m so glad he had you by his side.
    RIP, Terry my friend.

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  4. Now a bright star in the night sky we will all remember Terry for his braveness and dignity and his love for you Gary..You should blog when you feel able we all have to start somewhere and just say it as it is…Terry will be remembered by his many blogging friends R.I P Terry and may you find peace and solace in your memories of Terry… God bless you Gary

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  5. Thank you so much, Gary, for sharing this wonderful post of Terry’s last days and moments with us and especially his precious “Good Bye” video. You have been a mountain of strength throughout everything, and I’m sure I’m not alone in saying I feel a connection with you through Terry, so I do hope that one day you can carry the torch. We’ll be here to welcome you.
    Take care of yourself now; this is your time to rest and recoup. Blessings.

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  6. Thank you very much for this truly wonderful message, Gary, and for sharing Terry´s last words with us. Terry has been my friend for two years and I will miss him so very, very much… more than I can say. I am so very thankful that I have met him, and you now 🙂 I hope you will continue blogging and carry the torch for Terry when you feel ready for it. Many hugs and kisses! Sarah

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  7. Oh Gary, my heart’s breaking, I didn’t know about Terry’s passing till I read your most recent post and I couldn’t believe it so had to look back and found this.
    I’m so incredibly sorry to hear of his passing, I have nothing but admiration for how brave he was and for the grave with which he handled his illness.
    His live for you was evident and I am so glad that I came across his blog and was witness to the amazing person he was.
    I’m sending you hugs from the Emerald Isle and I hope they offer you some small comfort at this time. He will be missed by very many people xx

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  8. I am behind by over a week so am just “hearing” the news of Terry’s passing. I want to leave my condolences to you, Gary – and my admiration for what I’m sure has been a roller-coaster of an experience for some time now.

    Thank you for taking time in your own grief to let Terry’s “WordPress” friends know what was going on. So glad to read elsewhere that you came through Irma safely – no doubt with a bit of pull from your guardian angel – the one with a bit T on his celestial sweatshirt and a big smile on his pain-free face. And now, it is time for those of us left behind to grieve the loss of an amazing spirit – whose courage inspired many of us.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD/EFD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”


  9. https://wordpress.com/post/chopkins2x3.wordpress.com/1787

    In honour of “Spearfruit”

    And so you are gone
    You slipped away
    Leaving us your words of wisdom
    Brutal honesty coupled with humility
    You took us on your journey
    Through pain and heartache
    Through joys and thanksgiving
    And I just want your loved ones to know
    You mattered
    To all the strangers you made your friends

    You are gone
    But your words live on
    And I am grateful for that
    For your life
    And for your courage and tenacity
    And here in Canada
    Where fall is descending
    And the days grow shorter
    I remember you
    With each little bird that visits our feeder
    On its way south to warmer climes
    Some day, perhaps, I, too, will fly
    To visit the places
    Where Spearfruit grew and lived

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  11. Dear Gary thank you for the beautiful share. Terry will be remembered as humble, loving and so very special in the hearts of many fellow bloggers. A beautiful rainbow reflected from my ceiling while writing here. My condolences to you all Gary! AOC


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