Awaiting the Big One !

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      • Hey Osyth….I am so new at all this. I meant to give this blog a title….”Awaiting the Big One” but I have no idea why the subject in the title shows a number ? I guess I’ll eventually figure out how to do all this. Is there an easy way to fix the Title once it’s published? As they say in France (per our phone conversation the other day) English translation….take little steps at a time, no need to try to figure everything out all at once. Love Gary

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        • Hey Gary … If you go to the bottom of the post you should find a little hyperlink (it’s under the likers in my style but I think it might vary according to what style you are using because they are all the work of different designers). Anyway it will say ‘Edit’. Click that and it will take you to the post and you can pop the title in the title box. Alternatively you can go into your admin and click ‘blog posts’ and that will take you to the post. But I actually think that you have got the title in the right place. Very happy to be your guide 😊 Hope Irma has worn herself out and decided she’s damaged enough already. By the way – Roxy really made me laugh …. totally ignoring whilst she underwent her unmentionable ablutions and then giving us all a regal greeting. So cute 🐶 Love to you all, Osyth


          • Thanks for the advice Osyth. Eventually I will clean things up and get the blogsite the way I want it. I want to ensure all Terry’s blogs are fully accessible and see if I can set up a special file for mine within the site. I am slow in the automation field…. so it may take me a while.

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          • Take your time (remember what I said ‘petits pas à petits pas’) … I’m no great shakes but I am certain you can find a way and the WordPress help guys are really good too. Like when I managed to delete my entire site, good!

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  1. Hi Gary, Hi Gail (I hope I spelled that correctly) and hi Lady Roxy! So so fabulous to see you. Stay safe, stay well imbibed on that beer and wine (I’ll be joining you with the wine since it is the law here in France that one must drink wine every day 😉 ) enjoy the food and the movies, enjoy the pool and take really really good care of yourselves. Much love to you xx


      • It’s my favourite. And here’s a real one … fresh baked baguettes are subsidized because the law says that it is every person’s right to have fresh bread every day. This means that you will never pay more than 1 euro (and I pay 95 centimes) for a fresh baked baguette. If a whole one is too much then the law also says the baker must be prepared to give you half for half the price! Vive la France 🇫🇷 😉

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  2. Thanks Derrick…. Glad the video came thru for you. Please bear with me as I try to figure out how Terry designed and published all his wonderful posts in the past. I am so technically challenged that I admittedly I don’t even know for sure how I even got this video to post successfully to the site, so it will be a while before I figure all this out and have a system in place. Gary


  3. Hi Gary 🙂 Thank you so much for the video. You really put a smile on my face. It was lovely seeing you, hearing your voice, meeting Gail (Hi Gail) and seeing little Roxy again, she is so sweet. You have a great weekend, and enjoy. Beer, wine, food, sun, movies…all sounds good to me. Be safe, and hopefully you guys will be all okay. I have been watching what I can here on Sky News….these hurricanes are scary stuff, I do not know how you guys deal with it. Stay well, take care and hugs for Roxy. Lots of love 🙂


  4. Came through just fine here Gary! Nice job. We appreciate your taking the time to post to us. Glad you are safe in Oviedo! (They have the greatest Art/Crafts show there!). Best Regards to Gayle (or Gail) and lots of ear rubbing for Roxy. Stay safe and as they say in the Military ” Front and Center”! LOL. Cheryl aka Gatorette (Yes, Native Floridian!).


  5. Gary – Just received the latest and Irma is bearing west, but with you in Oviedo are still going to get hit. Here on the east coast, we’ve been downgraded to getting Category 1. I’ll be thinking of you and Gail, stay safe.
    [ps. the video worked fine for me.]


  6. Stay safe from your expected storm. The little dog is so cute, she’s doing what all of they seem to do, my Daisy (Rescue Cross Lurcher/Alsatian) included. Keep well most of all I hope you will all be alright and not suffer any damage to the property.


  7. What a great place to ride out the storm, good to know you’re safe and have such good company. The video worked fine for me and I always have problems with things not being compatible with my iPad! 🤞🏻


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