49 thoughts on “The Calm Before The Storm

  1. Hahaha so you are a man that gets grumpy if he is not fed….LOL I hope you worked well enough to be fed. No seriously, Irma sounds hectic ! Not a nice lady, that Big Irma. Glad you had an awesome hamburger today. I really hope all is well in Tampa when you get back home. Again, be safe, and take care. Hugs to Roxy. Lots of Love 🙂


  2. You get the ‘hangries’ (what they call those hypoglycemic episodes where the person affected becomes easily upset and angry when hungry). My sympathies. I suffer from those too! Nice to see you Gary! Take care!


  3. I hope you were able to accomplish all that you needed to before the storm on your brother’s condo. And I really hope your RV stays safe. Take care Gary! It was great to see you and to hear from you!!! I am glad you are with your brother and Gail during this time!


  4. I’m sitting here is slightly windy Grenoble thinking of all of you with Angry Irma to contend with. Nothing like a hurricane to focus the mind, I imagine. But very glad you had a decent burger before you got down to work and very hopeful that you did sufficient work to earn your supper! Love to you all, O x


    • Hi Osyth, The ironic thing is that we did all that work at my brother’s beach condo on the eastern shore of Florida and then worked to secure everything at his house in Orlando (thinking that those areas would be hit the hardest, but it looks like the direct hit is going to be where my RV is parked which is surrounded on three sides by water!! It will be interesting to see how it faired and when they will allow people to return there after all this passes. The next few days will be very interesting..

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      • Yikes. All I can say in consolation is that I am relieved you are not there. And that I am relieved that Terry had already passed before this came about. Pour a glass of wine … I told you – it’s the law here and I think I heard the same law had just been passed in Florida 😉


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