Irma Aftermath

Not too much damage at my brother”s house in Orlando. One small tree down, power still out for last 18 hours, alot of small branch debris and the lake behind their house got closer to the house by about 35 feet. As for Tampa, as best I know, seemed to be minimal damage in the RV park, so hope to return there sometime this Wednesday if the air base lets us back on by then. About all for now. Gary

32 thoughts on “Irma Aftermath

  1. That is such a relief. Gary I am doing a house move this week – finally getting my furniture and things into the holiday home renovation project. It’s way short of habitable – in fact the inside looks a little like Irma has been visiting but it means we can let go of the place I rented for the first 3 years here. Anyway, I’m saying this to let you know that I will be in touch when I get back home here and to wish you safe travels back to Tampa if you leave tomorrow. Much love x. PS: So relieved that you and your family are safe and perky


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