The Gift (Part 2)

Hey all, I goofed!  Couldn’t get this photo to show up on the original blog I published called The Gift, so sending this out seperately as a “part 2” . Bear with me….trying to figure out how to post stuff on wordpress being so new at all this.  Love, Gary

23 thoughts on “The Gift (Part 2)

    • Thanks Cindy, I am going to do my best to keep this going. I probably won’t be as regular as Terry was. He used to do one post each day and publish it exactly at 9 :45 AM. For me, for right now am going to publish posts when I feel a desire to put something out there that may be of interest. I am going to try to mix thing up a bit hopefully, but will generally be somewhat impromptu (at least for now) at least until I can get my life more on a routine. Right now, so many changes to adjust to for me which will take time, but I’ll get there eventually. Life must go on..

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  1. If you ever need help with tech let me know, but to be honest you are doing amazing! And it is all about learning by doing. Just might need to check your password. I think the dog has been blogging without your approval 😄


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